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Call for Papers for SAH's 64th Annual Meeting in New Orleans

by User Not Found | Jun 29, 2012
The Call for Papers for Society of Architectural Historians' 64th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April 13-17, 2011 has been released. The deadline to submit abstracts is August 14, 2010.

Society of Architectural Historians 

64th Annual Meeting 
April 13-17, 2011 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Call for Papers General Chair:   Abigail A. Van Slyck, SAH First Vice President, Dayton Professor of Art History and Architectural Studies, Connecticut College 
Local Chair:   Robert A. Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Tulane University 

Members and friends of the Society of Architectural Historians are invited to submit abstracts by 14 August 2010 for the thematic sessions listed below. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent directly to the appropriate session chair; abstracts are to be headed with the applicant’s name, professional affiliation [graduate students in brackets], and title of paper. Submit with the abstract a short curriculum vitae, home and work addresses, email addresses, and telephone and fax numbers. Abstracts should define the subject and summarize the argument to be presented in the proposed paper. The content of that paper should be the product of well-documented original research that is primarily analytical and interpretative rather than descriptive in nature. 

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