Upcoming SAH Events

Gwendolyn Wright Lecture

This marks the first year that SAH is participating in the CHF, a festival that promotes the humanities through lectures, concerts, and films. Wright will tackle intriguing mysteries about America’s history with innovative thinking and keen curiosity - in part because she is a scholar of the humanities as well as one of the hosts of the popular PBS television series History Detectives. As a historian of architecture at New York’s Columbia University, Wright enjoys showing the public how historians think, evaluate and analyze. Presented in partnership with SAH. 

Francis W. Parker School - Diane and David B Heller Auditorium
2233 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614
Ticket Schedule and Pricing
Sunday, November 11, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
General Admission: $10.00
Teachers and Students: $5.00