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Future Design Solutions for Buffalo

  • Dates: 12 Apr, 2013
  • Location: Buffalo, NY
  • Address: 153 Franklin St
  • Website:
Roundtable Discussion
11:45 a.m.–1:45 p.m., 101 A/H Buffalo Niagara Conference Center
$15, onsite registration available

Our current “thought leaders” from the Buffalo community, to include Catherine Schweitzer and Robert Shibley along with Paul Goldberger, will discuss policy and planning for the future of preservation. A brief presentation on current status and direction of Buffalo work will be used to set up a discussion among the roundtable participants and with the audience on the policy work and plan making we all have ahead of us.

11:45 –

Welcome and Panel Introductions
Robert Shibley
11:50 –

Preservation Planning as a Performing Art: An Outline for a Buffalo Preservation Plan  Catherine Schweitzer and Robert Shibley
The presentations will assess where we are in preservation planning in the City of Buffalo and what some of the next  most important steps might be to leverage  city assets in service of both the quality of life in the city and of cultural and heritage preservation as well as tourism.  Among other topics the plan outline will speak to inventory, protection, education, and capacity building as core elements of a successful plan.
12:20 – 

Audience Questions      
12:30 –

Roundtable Discussion Among the Panelists
Moderated by Robert Shibley with Paul Goldberger and Catherine Schweitzer
The panelists will offer an informal discussion on the current state of national and local preservation.  They will also discuss the work ahead for Buffalo in both architectural and neighborhood preservation and how it fits in the larger context of national and international precedents, the current economy, and the quality of life in our communities?

Panel and Audience Discussion
Moderated by Robert Shibley
The panel acknowledges that academics, policy makers, professionals, business interests, and citizens in non-profit organizations are some of the most important players in the performance of architectural and neighborhood preservation.  In an open discussion between the panelists and audience the panel will explore with the audience how to advance the state of the art of historic preservation.
1:40 – 

Concluding thoughts by the panelists
Paul Goldberger 
Catherine Schweitzer
Robert Shibley