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Festival des Architectures Vives Montpellier 2014

The Festival des Architectures Vives aims to raise public awareness of the wide range of architecture. It seeks not only to highlight the work of younger generation of architects, landscape architects, urban planners but also discover unexpected urban areas.

On the occasion of the 9th Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, the association Champ Libre sends a call for submissions in order to realize 10 interventions in the Montpellier Festival. A second call for submissions is sent in the same time for the interventions in the La Grande Motte Festival. 

The Festival is at the heart of Montpellier city; it will take place in the city center more specifically in the courtyards of certain town house. At the same time it will be proposed a path to the visitors, kind of architectural discovery of the city heart. 
So, Montpellier’s FAV objective is on one hand, to open to inhabitants, during the festival these symbolic places and on the other hand – thanks to creators teams intervention which will present a specific work to every place – to reveal an intimate relationship between contemporary architecture, installation and patrimonial site.

You can dowload the Call for submissions on our website:

The Fav Montpellier will take place from the 11th June 2014 to the 15th June 2014 with the theme Sensuality.

You can find all the informations on the website or if you have any question, write on