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Humanities Connections Grants for Colleges and Universities

This grant program seeks to expand the role of the humanities in undergraduate education at two- and four-year institutions. Grants will support innovative curricular programs that bring humanities faculty together with their counterparts outside the humanities — in the social and natural sciences, and in pre-service or professional programs (such as business, engineering, health sciences, law, and computer science).

These interdisciplinary teams will collaborate to create new curricular opportunities for students — ones that bring the resources and perspectives of the humanities to bear on students’ broader educational goals. Humanities Connections grant projects will involve experiential learning as an intrinsic part of the curricular plan, and your proposal needs to show your institution’s long-term support for the curriculum innovation you’re putting forward.

What can you do with a Humanities Connections grant? You might look to fill a gap in your curriculum, or connect existing fields of study to new or emerging disciplines. You could open up a new interdisciplinary minor or certificate, or transform your current curricular pathways. Last year’s grantees will be developing medical humanities programs; connecting humanities and business perspectives on risk and reward; and more! 

We now offer two levels of Humanities Connections grants: Planning (12 months; up to $35,000) and Implementation (18-36 months; up to $100,000).

For more information, please go to The program pages include full guidelines, FAQs, samples from past successful proposals, and other useful resources.

NEH staff are also available to answer questions, discuss your project ideas, and comment on proposal drafts (submitted by September 18). Call us at 202-606-8337 or email
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