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  • Call for Proposals, VRA Milwaukee 2014

    Milwaukee | Dates: 17 May – 15 Jul, 2013
    The Visual Resources Association’s 32nd Annual Conference will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from Wednesday March 12th through Saturday March 15th in the elegant and historic Pfister Hotel. Proposals are now being solicited for the 2014 program sessions, workshops, papers, posters, special interest/user groups, and case studies. All proposals are welcome.

    The proposal deadline is July 15, 2013.
  • Windshield Perspective

    Los Angeles | Dates: 17 May – 09 Jul, 2013
    Windshield Perspective focuses on a short yet dense stretch of Beverly Boulevard from Normandie to Virgil. The windshield is both a lens and a shield; a screen which acts much like a magnifying glass to clarify the view and as a scrim to obscure the sight. This drive along Beverly stands for hundreds, if not thousands, of daily journeys through the city’s landscape. The exhibit is about seeing and not seeing.

    Typically, our way of seeing from behind the wheel is unconscious. Beverly Boulevard, in its apparent bleakness, is easily dismissed as “nowhere,” falling into the hole in our consciousness put there by the dominant notion that much (if not all) of Los Angeles is not a city at all. Roll up the windows, crank up the sounds, and drive.

    But a choreographed drive, recreated within the Museum, reveals the very essence of the built city: messy, disorderly, impromptu, and vital. Windshield Perspective will provide a way of seeing and a sight to be seen. The windshield is converted from scrim to lens.
  • Furniture Conference at V&A

    London | Dates: 17 May, 2013
    Celebrate the opening of the V&A’s Dr. Susan Weber Gallery of Furniture, that focuses on the methods of making and decorating furniture from the 15th-century to the present day. This symposium will focus on making but also on the wider cultures and meaning of furniture.

    Join curators, scholars and designers as they explore materials from shagreen to plywood, and reveal the unique history of techniques from Marquetry to lacquer. Speakers include Adam Bowett, Carolyn Sargentson, Christine Guth, Christopher Wilk, Joris Laarman, Julia Lohmann and Gareth Neal.