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  • 2014 VRA Nancy DeLaurier Award

    Ithaca | Dates: 15 Jul – 01 Nov, 2013
    The Nancy DeLaurier Award, named for one of the pioneers of the visual resources profession, honors a visual resources professional for distinguished achievement in the field. "Achievement" is measured by immediate impact, and may take the form of published work, oral presentation, project management, software development, technology application, website creation, or other outstanding effort. Nominations are now being solicited for the 2014 VRA Nancy DeLaurier Award. A dossier, consisting of a cover letter from the nominator(s) describing the nature of the achievement, the candidate's curriculum vitae, and supporting letters and documentation, constitutes an appropriate nomination. Although Visual Resources Association members initiate nominations, the nominees need not be members of the organization. Nominations should not include current members of the VRA Awards Committee. Please ensure that writers of supporting letters are aware that the complete dossiers of award winners are deposited in the VRA Archives. Any writer may request not to have his/her submission archived. A copy of the dossier is also presented to each award winner. Nominations are due to the VRA Awards Committee Chair no later than November 1, 2013.
  • VRA Professional Development Grant

    South Hadley | Dates: 15 – 24 Jul, 2013
    The purpose of the VRAF Professional Development grant is to support professional development in the field of visual resources and image management. The grant will support attendance at an educational event of the grantee's choosing (such as an association conference, symposium or workshop), or engagement in relevant research activities (such as publications and/or fieldwork). In recognition of the differing professional development needs for an emerging professional and an established career professional, two awards will be funded. One grant will be awarded to a student or new professional who has up to five years of experience in the field, and the other grant will be designated for a career professional with six or more years of experience. At the discretion of the VRAF Board and with approval of the applicant, an application may be moved to a different category that better fits the experience criteria or the applicant can choose to withdraw the application.

    Although the specific criteria for the grant may change from year to year in order to provide support for a range of experiences and community members, with the 2013-2014 awards we encourage the VR community to consider opportunities at any visual resources-related professional development venue.

    The VRAF Professional Development Grant is part of the Foundation's mission to advance awareness of critical issues for effective digital information management (including intellectual property and copyright); to encourage the application of professional standards, innovative technology, and metadata cataloging protocols; and to facilitate workplace training. The VRA Foundation supports a range of educational offerings to help ensure that such information reaches a diverse, global audience.

    Each of the two 2013-2014 awards will provide a grant of $850. The grant is for use between September 13, 2013 and September 12, 2014.