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Call for Papers for the Edited Volume: 'On the Spatial Epistemology of Politics, or How We Know Politics through Space: A Reader for Design Studies'

What knowledge of politics is produced through space? How have the politics of contention and consensus affected our built environment, and vice versa? Through spaces of protest, occupation, segregation, neglect, and spaces of deliberation, negotiation, reconciliation, and commemoration, we have become familiar with the production of space as a mode of political consciousness, representation and engagement. Our global history is replete with examples of these political spaces arising from explicit designs for political purposes or transformations through politicization ex post facto. This call for papers solicits original research to explore the politics of contention and consensus in spatial forms and practices.

We are interested in research both contemporary and historical, from a variety of geographical contexts, and from scholars immersed in design practice, the humanities and the social sciences. The primary aim of the edited volume is pedagogical: to serve as a reader for undergraduate students, to aid the research of postgraduate students, and to reinvigorate and substantiate interdisciplinary directions in design education, research and practice. It is therefore intended for wide distribution. The book will present a dialog between the canonical texts from political and architectural theorists, and essays selected from this Call for Papers. Altogether, this scholarship will provide theoretical and comparative perspectives to articulate the myriad means by which space is political and politics is spatial.