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Indochina. Land and People, 1856-­1956

The Army Museum presents for the first time an exhibition exploring 100 years of French military presence in Indochina , from conquest to decolonization, crossing stories of France, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. More than 300 rooms to discover over a chronological, thematic and educational journey for all audiences to understand this complex and rich colonial history. A selection of original pieces of collections and linking with the works, objects and documents numerous special collections and reference institutions in this area, including the National Archives overseas, the Department of Defense history, the Maritime Museum, the BNF, the Quai Branly Museum, the Musée Guimet, the Missions Foreign in Paris, the Museum of the Palaces of Versailles and Trianon ... The course - chronological and thematic - allows visitors to explore the creation of the territory of French Indochina between 1859 and 1907 , the Indochinese colonial life and movement nationals in the inter-war until the end of the French Empire in the Far East.