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CFP: What's love got to do with it? Collaboration and Intimacy in Art, Architecture and Design (Toronto, 23-26 Oct 14)

This panel seeks to explore the complexities of collaborative creative practices between romantic partners. In her essay ‘Collaboration Amongst the Four’ (1996), Janice Helland observed that collaborative practice ‘undermine[s] attribution, an important practice that plays a large role in museums and galleries, in the art market, and most significantly, in the ideology that underlies traditional conceptions and definitions of modern art making.’ Widely accepted notions of the ‘artistic genius’ focus on art making as an individual process of self-expression often resulting in the authorship of a work attributed to the dominant (usually male) partner, and relegating the lesser-known partner to an assistant status. Building on this problem of attribution, we hope to explore varied complications of romantic creative partnerships, for example in relation to technical practice, commerce, influence, identity, and legacy. We welcome papers from across the spectrum of visual culture, and especially welcome interdisciplinary investigations (architect/artist/designer).

Session Chairs: 
Dr. Robyne Erica Calvert, Glasgow School of Art
Dr. Gayle L. Goudy, College of Charleston

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Deadline for Submissions, June 18, 2014

Conference information:


Most sessions are composed of three 20-minute papers. This leaves time in the 90-minute slot for formal responses or for questions from the audience.

Each session must have a Chair who is NOT also speaking in the session. Therefore, if present Session Conveners (to whom prospective participants should submit their abstracts for consideration) wish to give a paper in their session, they must find a Chair for that session.

Other formats, such as roundtable discussions, are allowed, but they must also have a chair who stands outside the discussion and moderates it.

In order to permit the widest possible variety of sessions, double sessions are not usually permitted. Decisions to permit double sessions lie with the Session Planning Committee for the conference, who will inform chairs/conveners who petition for such sessions whether or not this will be possible within the program structure.

Proposal Abstracts

Proposals for papers shall not exceed 150 words, and are to be submitted to the individual session conveners whose sessions have been accepted for inclusion in the conference (please see below under ‘General Principles’ for further guidelines about proposals)

A good abstract will reveal the kernel of the argument and will inform specialists in the field of what is new about the research. Generalities known to everyone, or research that a scholar intends to do but has not yet begun, are not appropriate.

Who may submit proposals

Proposals for papers may be submitted by current members OR non-members of UAAC. However non-members MUST become members of UAAC in order to present a paper at the conference, and all members must renew their memberships in UAAC/AAUC by 1 September 2014.

The Call for Papers is open to post-secondary faculty in all fields of the visual arts; i.e. art history, visual culture, material cultures and their histories, museum studies, art conservation, visual artists, practitioner/researchers, etc. as well as qualified independent scholars in such disciplines.

Student members of UAAC/AAUC who are pursuing a terminal degree in related disciplines (i.e. the PhD in Art History or Visual/Material Cultures, MFA, Masters of Design etc.) may submit paper proposals. MA students in Art History or Visual Culture are not permitted to give papers at the annual conference.

Those individuals who have not secured their membership or membership renewal by 15 September 2014 will be removed from the conference program.

General regulations

1. Individuals, collaborators or research partners may submit single papers, and they may submit only one such proposal.

2. Each proposed paper must include: name of individual submitting the paper and their email contact, paper title; abstract (150-word maximum); keywords; and a brief curriculum vitae (300-word maximum) that specifies their rank and institutional affiliation (if applicable).

3. An individual may not Chair a panel in which they are presenting a paper, however an individual may Chair MORE than one session.

4. Conveners of individual sessions are responsible for the selection of the papers to be included in that session, and must inform all applicants to that session as to whether or not their paper has been accepted.

5. Only members of UAAC may act as conveners, chairs or presenters at the annual conference. Individuals who fail to secure membership or to renew their memberships, by 15 September 2014 will be dropped from the conference program.