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CFP: 1st International Symposium 'Education' in Interior Architecture (11-12 December 2014)

The Purpose of German-Turkish Science Year as identified in the Council of Higher Education of Turkey 
-To increase and diversify current collaboration in area of science

-To ensure long-term collaboration of both governments in areas of education and research by giving support to high quality, young scientists

-To deepen binary collaboration in area of science and education

-To increase coordination among scientists of both countries with regards to raising young scientists

-To increase awareness mutually innovation and science base items of Germany and Turkey.    

Regarding these approaches the main purpose of the symposium is;

-To build and strengthen the cooperative facilities between Germany and Turkey on behalf of research education and innovative acts.

-To complete the general meeting with the planning of some future projects and cooperative studies in between Germany and Turkey in order to activate the facilities among both countries with necessary actions.

-Making future studies captivating all students primarily with activities like integrated studies hosted by Germany and Turkey composing from student’s necessities and expectations.

Paper Submission Deadline: SEPTEMBER-15- 2014

Poster Abstract Submission Deadline: SEPTEMBER-15- 2014

Notification of Acceptance: SEPTEMBER- 30- 2014

Final Submission after reviews: OCTOBER- 30- 2014

Conference Date: 11-12 DECEMBER- 2014

Publication of Papers: One month after the conference


-Project Works Concerning the Interaction Between Germany and Turkey
Project suggestions for the future Interior Architecture Education in Germany and Turkey

-Research Methods in German and Turkish Education System
Quantitative research methods in Interior Architecture Education

-Similarities and Differences Between the Education System in Germany and Turkey
Similarities and differences between Germany and Turkey in terms of Interior Architecture Education
Applied and theoretical education and teaching methods
Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and applications in education
Pedagogical formation and its requirement in Design Education

-Reflections of the Bologna Process on Design Education; Impacts of these reflections on the quality of Design Education in Germany and Turkey.
Interior Architecture Education in the process of European Union
Universal Notions on Education

-Approaches of Ecological Education Principles of Interior Architecture profession in Germany and Turkey

-German Ecole in Interior Architecture Education
The Historical Aspect of German Interior Architecture Education
The Historical Aspect of Turkish Interior Architecture Education interactively with German Education System

Locations of Sessions;
Faculty of Fine Arts Building of Hacettepe University
Beytepe Campus, Mehmet Akif Hall, K Hall

The location of the workshop; 
Faculty of Fine Arts Building of Hacettepe University


-Assoc. Prof. Pelin Yıldız (Head of the Symposium Organization Committee)

-Hacettepe University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Academic Staff, ANKARA, TURKEY.

-Mr. Thomas Lier, On Behalf of Goethe Institute, Ankara, TURKEY.

-Miss. Sarah Schackert-Feld On behalf of DAAD, Ankara, TURKEY.

-Prof. Axell Müller Scholl Head of Interior Design Environment and Architecture, Kunsthochschule, Burg Giebichenstein, HALLE, GERMANY.

-Prof. Auwi Stübbe, Coburger Designforum Oberfranken e. V. 9, COBURG, GERMANY.

-Prof. Nathaniel Coleman School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape,NEWCASTLE, U.K.

-Interior Architect Nursema Öztürk, on Behalf of BDIA (German Interior Architect Association) Turkish Coordinator, İSTANBUL.

-Prof. Meltem Eti Proto Marmara University, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, İSTANBUL.

-Prof. Müge Bozdayı TOBB University, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, ANKARA.

-Prof. Dr. Meral Nalçakan Anadolu University Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, ESKİŞEHİR.

-Doç. Dr. İpek Fitöz Mimar Sinan University, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, İSTANBUL.

-Prof. Dr. Uğur Dağlı Doğu Akdeniz University, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture, KIBRIS.

-Öğr. Gör. Dr. Özge Cordan İstanbul Technical University, the Dept. of  Interior Architecture Staff, İSTANBUL.

Team of Symposium Financial Support and Project Coordination
Lecturer Selin Sepici Mutdoğan- Proje Koordinasyon Sorumlusu
Lecturer Dr. G. Cankız Elibol-Sponsor Koordinasyon ve İletişim Sorumlusu

Team of Symposium Announcement and Poster Design 
Arş. Gör. Sırmahan Bilir
Arş.Gör. Pelin Koçkan
Arş. Gör. İsmail Bezci


All Citations presented in the symposium, will be published in Citation Book in content of International Publication.
Result works of Poster and Workshops will also be published in a section of Citation Book with names of participants. 
Papers should not exceed 10 pages. 
Citation Writing Rules: APA Style (

9.00-9.30            Registration
9.30-10.00          Opening
Opening Speeches
Miss Sarah Schackert-Feld on behalf of DAAD Turkey
Dr. Thomas Lier on behalf of Goethe Institute
Opening Speech; Rector 
10.00-11.00       Invited Speaker (Prof. Axel Müller-Schöll)
11.00-12.00       Invited Speaker (Turkish Academician)
12.00-13.00       Lunch Break 
13.00-14.00       Panel Session 1- 2 (3 speakers -20 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes discussion)
                            First Panelist  Stefan Adlich 'Myths of Old Factory Buildings'
14.00-15.00       Panel Session 3- 4 ( 3 speakers -20 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes discussion)
                           First Panelist Wolfgang Kreser 'Infotainers'
15.00-16.00          Panel Session 5- 6 (3 speakers -20 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes discussion)
                           First Panelist  Matthias Brockhaus 'Transition Room'
16.30- 17.30      General Assesment and Discussion
17.30-18.30       Film Presentation
18.30-19.30      Coctail

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Hall
9.00-10.00         Invited Speaker (German Academician- Prof. Auwi Stübbe, Coburg,)
10.00-11.00        Invited Speaker (German Academician- Mr. Christoph Bach, Coburg)
11.00-12.00      Invited Speaker (English Academician- Prof. Nathaniel Coleman, Newcastle) 
12.00-13.00        Lunch Break 
13.00-14.00        Panel Session 6- 7 (3 speakers - 20 minutes per speaker , 10 minutes discussion)
First Panelist ‘İsmail Saadet’ from Coburg
14.00-15.00        Panel Session 7- 8 (3 speakers - 20 minute per speakers , 10 minutes discussion)
15.00-16.00        Panel Session 7- 8 (3 speakers - 20 minute per speakers , 10 minutes discussion)
16.00-16.30         Coffee Break
16.30-18.00        General Assessment and Panel

K- Hall 
9.00-9.30             Introductions to Workshop Topics and Arrangement of  Workshop Groups (Will be announced soon with details)
9.30-10.00         Registration of Workshops
10.00-12.00       Workshops (Will be announced soon with details)
12.00-13.00       Lunch Break 
13.00-16.30       Workshops
16.30-18.00       General Assessment and Panel (in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Hall)
18.00-19.30       Preparations of the exhibitions
19.30                Opening the Exhibition and Cocktail