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Brückenschlagen! Building Bridges

They lead us over deep gorges and wide rivers, they connect islands with the mainland and overcome various obstacles – Bridges are very important in our daily life. They do not only link places and countries to each other but also create a connection between foreign people and different cultures, which we would not get to without them.

The open air exhibition “Brückenschlagen! Building Bridges”on Two North Riverside Plaza shows 24 historic and contemporary photographs of bridges in Chicago and Hamburg. Bridges are of enormous importance for both cities’ economy and trade. Hamburg, with over 2.500 bridges, has more bridges than any city in Europe and Chicago has the most movable bridges worldwide. Moreover there is one particularly important and special bridge, which links both cities: the Bridge of Friendship. Chicago and Hamburg have been sister cities since 20 years and a constant active exchange marks their friendship.

"Brückenschlagen! Building Bridges!" is a part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of this friendship. The open air exhibition is presented by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Two North Riverside Plaza, Museum der Arbeit Hamburg, the Archive of the Hamburg Hochbahn AG, State Archive Hamburg, Foundation Germanic Technic Museum Berlin, Aufwind Luftbilder (Holger Weitzel) and photographers Ron Gordon, Tom Palazzolo, Marcia Palazzolo and Damon Shell (photographer and curator). 

The exhibition will take place on the Two North Riverside Placa from 02/09 to 30/09.

Curator: Damon Shell