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SCUP 2014 Southern Symposium: Active Learning Environments—Engaging Active Learners

Experience firsthand an active learning environment and its potential for application on campuses. In the morning session, faculty attendees will become participants—“active learners”—as they engage in a live simulation that focuses on real-world scientific problems by means of satellite feeds and (via Skype) the help of NASA experts. 

How does the trend toward active learning pedagogies impact our instructional materials, our classroom activities, and our classrooms? As we move into 21st century learning environments, our physical spaces will need to support new interactive teaching and learning methods. Two afternoon panel discussions will focus on the active learning practices educators employ now and expect to employ in the future and the impact these practices will have on instructional, support, and other space. This symposium, through self-directed and competency-based exercises, topical lunch table discussion options, and tours of active learning spaces, will impart a professional learning experience that models cutting edge active learning curricula.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Engage in an active learning environment as a "learner" through a live simulation and transfer the experience to your institution's strategies.
  2. Recognize the role of competency-based activities in learning outcomes.
  3. Understand the trends in technology tools in the classroom.
  4. Explore space needs as they relate to active environments.