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Nickerson Lecture: The 'Japan Craze' on Paper - Japonisme in American Graphic Art

Join us for the first in our annual Nickerson Lecture Series.  When Commodore Matthew Perry took a voyage in 1853-54 to Japan, he opened the floodgates for cultural exchanges that would profoundly affect Western art.  In the following years, Japanese artifacts flooded into Europe and America, appearing in exhibitions, stores, art collections, as well as in articles and books.  Western artists began incorporating Japanese motifs, aesthetic principles, and techniques into their work which became known as “Japonisme”.  Japanese art’s emphasis on beautiful design and hand-craftsmanship resonated with the “art for art’s sake” philosophy advocated by the Aesthetic Movement as a remedy for the ills of modern industrial life.  Styles such as Impressionism also gained inspiration from Japanese prototypes in revitalizing Western pictorial traditions. 

This lecture is part of the Driehaus Museum’s 2015 Samuel M. Nickerson Lecture Series, a program which serves to situate the Nickerson Mansion within the context of social artistic developments of the period and against the wider background of America’s Gilded Age.

Doors open at 5 p.m. for any attendees who would like to explore the Museum and its collections. The lecture begins at 6 p.m. As space is limited, advance reservations are highly recommended.


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