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CFP: Digital Heritage in Iberian Context: Between Practice and Critical Thinking

Considering that digital technology is increasingly advancing and at the centre of daily life; taking into account that the former is adopting a prominent role in the study, preservation and divulging of Cultural Heritage to a wide-ranging audience; given the multitude of innovations that arise in digital technology almost daily; noting the limited application of digital heritage resources in Portugal, in contrast to what takes place outside our borders, in particular in Spain, we invite Iberian specialists to examine and discuss the relationship between these two seemingly different and distant universes, i. e. cultural heritage and digital technology. What is Digital Heritage, how to shape it, where to apply it, its purpose, whom it serves and who decides, that is what we will discuss during the working sessions of this International Conference.


Digital Heritage: theoretical context and historiographic perspectives.
The impact of the digital on archaeology and history: research policies and professional practices.
Digital Heritage: potentialities and challenges in the areas of education and tourism.
The place of the museum and the archive in the digital era: digital repositories, museum installations, virtual recreations/representations (3D, augmented reality, mixed reality);
Digital heritage and the knowledge city.

Official languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Official languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish

Abstract: 350 words

keywords: 4

Short CV: 300 words

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Length of presentations: 15 min.


Abstract submission: 15th September 2017

Notification of acceptance: 30th September 2017

Register: from 15th October 2017


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