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Atmosphere Symposium: Fabrications

Atmosphere 10 explores Fabrications. Fabrications implicate diverse artifacts and modes of making, together with the places, practices, contingencies and intentions that enable and contextualize making. This symposium will examine not simply what, how and why we make, but sites and situations of making. The aim is to explore how cultural and environmental circumstances become meaningful catalysts of design, building, teaching and research. This theme encompasses manifold concerns beyond the digital: complexities of urban and social fabrics; intricacies of environmental skins; potentials of building sites and workshops; as well as the stories and arguments through which we craft shared understandings of our fabricated world. Submissions should address one of the following sub-themes: Social Fabrics; Mediating Fabrics; Fabricating in situ; or Fabricating Truth. Abstracts due by Nov. 1, 2017 to

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