Recent Opportunities

  • CFP: (AAS-in-Asia 2016): Cities by Experts for the People

    Dates: 16 – 25 Oct, 2015
    CALL FOR PAPERS, AAS-in-ASIA 2016 Conference, KyotoCities by Experts for the People: In search of spaces of hope in the intersections of power and knowledge * Critical urban theorists have often given short shrift to bureaucracies as possible sites for emancipatory politics. Since Max Weber?s rendition of the ?iron cage of bureaucracy? and Herbert Marcuse?s critique of the ?one-dimensional man,? academic writing tends to portray professional experts working within bureaucracies as extensions of the coercive state and increasingly as collaborators of corporate powers amidst accelerating neoliberalization. Against this context, ?spaces of hope? have been largely couched in the informal and the autonomous, where ?local knowledge? and ?bottom-up? initiatives are seen as key for generating alternative futures that resist the top-down, generic solutions imposed by technical experts.

    Recent studies on the nature of expertise suggest that the assumed dichotomy between expert and indigenous knowledge has at times been overstated. Although expert practices have been central to the rise of modern statecraft and hence the normative configuration of power/knowledge, experts are constantly required to make pragmatic accommodation in projects and policies in actual operations. Despite being increasingly subjected to managerialist initiatives and market-based solutions, growing skepticism about the ?reach of the state? has also promulgated new forms of reflexivity and aspirations amongst professionals and bureaucrats.

    This panel will examine the roles of professional experts whose agencies are both augmented and restricted by bureaucratic structures. These may include urban planners, architects, development consultants, systems analysts and others whose epistemologies and interventions are spatial in nature. Research that explores the techno-politics of practice, the cultural world of expertise and performativity of administrative apparatuses are especially welcome. By examining how expertise has been reconfigured in ongoing reshaping of political formations, we ask whether there are potentials for emancipatory politics in the unlikeliest of places.

    Interested participants should submit a 250-word abstract to Lee Kah-Wee (, National University of Singapore and to Cecilia L.
    Chu (, The University of Hong Kong, by *25 October 2015*. We hope to hear from you!

    For more information on AAS-in-Asia 2016, please visit
  • CFP: Boston University Graduate Symposium (Boston, 26-27 Feb 16)

    Dates: 16 Oct – 21 Nov, 2015
    Boston University and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, February 26 - 27, 
    Deadline: Nov 21, 2015

    The 32nd Annual Boston University Graduate Symposium on the History of 
    Art & Architecture

    Submissions Due: November 21, 2015
    Symposium Dates: February 26 – 27, 2016

    Serious Fun: Expressions of Play in the History of Art and Architecture

    In all of its forms, play is a vital expressive force. Whether 
    theatrical or athletic, rollicking or subversive, play has enacted a 
    pivotal role in shaping cultural life. The 32nd Annual Boston 
    University Graduate Student Symposium on the History of Art & 
    Architecture invites submissions that consider aspects of play as form, 
    content, process, and methodological framework.

    Possible subjects include, but are not limited to, the following: 
    representations of play;  entertainment, games, and toys; spaces of 
    play, leisure, and recreation; play as practice; political control of 
    play; play as dissent or activism; word play; the naughty and the 
    bawdy; revelry and whimsy; play and performance; and play as creative 

    We welcome submissions from graduate students at all stages of their 
    studies, working in any area or discipline.

    Please send an abstract (300 words or less), paper title, and a CV to 
    the Symposium Coordinator, Catherine O’Reilly, at The deadline for submissions is 
    Saturday, November 21, 2015. Selected speakers will be notified before 
    January 1, 2016.  Papers should be 20 minutes in length and will be 
    followed by a question and answer session.

    The Symposium will be held Friday, February 26 – Saturday, February 27, 
    2016, with a keynote lecture (TBD) on Friday evening at the Boston 
    University Art Gallery at the Stone Gallery and graduate presentations 
    on Saturday in the Riley Seminar Room of the Museum of Fine Arts, 

    This event is generously sponsored by The Boston University Center for 
    the Humanities; the Boston University Department of History of Art & 
    Architecture; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Boston University 
    Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association; and the 
    Boston University Art Gallery at the Stone Gallery.
  • CFP: Visioning Technologies - The Architectures of Sight

    Dates: 16 Oct – 31 Dec, 2015
    An opportunity has arisen to include one extra chapter in this book. The section of the book for this chapter is "Digital Technologies and the Architecture of the 21st Century"

    Below are the book details and contact information.

    Publisher: Ashgate publishing, UK
    Editor: Dr. Graham Cairns
    Copy: hardback followed by paperback and online.
    Chapter Word limit (including footnotes): 5-7000 words Those interest contact: Dr. Graham Cairns:<>

    Book theme:

    Visioning Technologies - The Architectures of Sight is a collection of texts from theorists that examine how architecture has been, and is, reframed and restructured by the visual and theoretical frameworks introduced by different ?technologies of sight? ? understood to include orthographic projection, perspective drawing, telescopic devices, photography, film and computer visualization etc. Each author will deal with their own area and historical period of expertise.

    The premise of the book is that ?visioning technologies? have tended, in their incipient moments, to repeat one aim ? the reproduction of reality. Perspective froze space visually, photography captured it momentarily, film presented it in time, and virtual reality immerses us in it holistically. Even parametricism can be said to reproduce a ?reality? on screen ? it allows us to watch the real time process of form formation (what we previously called design).

    However, more than just reproducing reality, these technologies influence architectural design, theory, and intellectual / spatial conceptualisations in a way that evolves over time. In the case of perspective drawing, the influence of the ?new mechanical drawing technique? would manifest itself in single point perspective images of Brunelleschi. In the context of photography, architecture had at its disposal a technology of hi-fidelity realism whose reproductive potential was, for Reyner Banham, what made the International Style, international. In turn, photography?s position as the visioning technology of ?the real? soon superseded by film and its introduction of ?movement and time? into the lexicon of architectural theory. Contemporary digital technologies in their turn continue this evolution, mimicking the design process, prefiguring the experience of spaces yet to be built and fundamentally alter the way we actually design.

    This call is primarily for papers that will deal with the contemporary ?digital turn?. Authors of papers on perspective, photography or film may also enquire.

    More details:<
  • Taliesin West Preservation Master Plan

    Scottsdale | Dates: 21 Oct, 2015
    Guided by the Foundation Board and the Taliesin West Preservation Oversight Committee, an international team of preservation experts, the Taliesin West Preservation Master Plan outlines the overarching philosophy and direction for the present and future preservation of Frank Lloyd Wright's desert masterpiece in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    At the evening event, Sean Malone, CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, will be joined by Gunny Harboe, FAIA, internationally recognized preservation architect and founder of Chicago-based Harboe Architects. Mr. Harboe, the plan's primary author, will present the tenants of the Taliesin West preservation plan. He has overseen the preservation of some of America's most significant historic buildings including Wright sites such as Chicago's Rookery, the Robie House and Unity Temple.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015
    7:00-8:30 pm
    Lecture and community dialogue. Reception to follow.

    By reservation only. Seating is limited.

    RSVP to Sally Russell at or 480-237-8055.
  • Replica of Paul Rudolph's 1952 Walker Guest House Opening Nov. 6

    Sarasota | Dates: 06 – 08 Nov, 2015
    The Sarasota Architectural Foundation has constructed a full-size replica of Paul Rudolph's 1952 Walker Guest House. The replica's grand opening is Nov. 6, the first day of SararasotaMOD Weekend, a celebration of mid-century modern architecture, which focuses on Rudolph this year.
  • Art History 40: Image and Memory: 40 Years of Art-Historical Writing

    London | Dates: 12 – 12 Dec, 2015
    This day of papers brings together for the first time the past and present editors of the Association of Art Historians journal, Art History, in a collective engagement with the role of memory and the image in art-historical writing.  As a celebration of the journal approaching 40 years of publication history, the papers will present a range of perspectives on the problem of images and memory, as arguably key to defining the conceptual practice of the discipline.  Looking both back onto the journal’s history and forward to prospective avenues of enquiry, the papers are variously concerned with situating art-historical or visual memory across a spectrum of disciplinary concerns. The papers will pursue issues of recollection, reminiscence and memory such as the affect of nostalgia, the play of temporalities, echoes and reflections, oblivions and forgettings, or conversely the afterlives of forms, whether ephemeral or archival, in their survivals and half-lives, absences and presence; and objects such as monuments, anti-monuments or memorials, mnemonic objects or displays, souvenirs, mementoes, replicas and reproductions, fragments or ruins.

    Organised by Dr Genevieve Warwick (Editor, Art History) Dr Gavin Parkinson (The Courtauld Institute of Art)
  • CFP: Creative Placemaking and Beyond (London, 30 Aug-2 Sep 16)

    London | Dates: 25 Oct, 2015
    Creative Placemaking and Beyond: Continuing and re-invigorating the arts-led conversation

    Royal Geographical Society 2016 Annual Conference: Nexus Thinking

    30 August -2 September 2016
    London, UK

    Convenors: Cara Courage, University of Brighton and Anita McKeown, SMARTlab, University College Dublin.

    This session will continue the interrogation of notions of creative placemaking started at the RGS 2015 annual conference, aiming to take this conversation to the US and broaden international and sectora/practice discussion.

    The creative placemaking (Landesman 2009) term has entered the arts-driven placemaking sector narrative presented as a ?new [U.S.] policy platform across all levels of government? (Markusen and Gadwa 2010:26) with a particular ethos; a cross-sectoral approach to arts-led regeneration (Markusen and Gadwa 2010) and of including non-arts stakeholders within community revitalisation (Poticha, 2011).

    With contemporary debates around creative placemaking and its relations now reaching a moment in maturity and diversity a critique and a deeper understanding of practice is necessary.

    Persistent questions arise around issues of arts practice/process, power relations, individual and community agency and creative placemaking?s relation vis-?-vis the neoliberal. As such, this session encourages a re-consideration of the role of the arts and creativity within socially-engaged placemaking practices for their potential to encourage self-organisation and how citizens can take the initiative in effecting their lived spacetime (McCormack 2013). It seeks to broaden the constituents in the creative placemaking discourse through presenting an international conversation that focuses on socially practiced, co-produced and citizen-led placemakings, addressing issues of scale, interdisciplinarity and radical practices within creative place production and co-production.

    Given the vital need also for theorists to be in dialogue with practitioners, this session is seeking abstracts from both constituencies, with papers spanning theory and practice and examples of where the two intersect in the academy or in the field. It thus aims to provide a critical assessment of creative placemaking and of community driven placemaking (Hou and Rios 2003) and social design across all settlement types and conceptual, empirical, methodological papers papers are invited.

    Papers might address, but are not limited to:

    ? Challenges to the concepts of creative placemaking and citizen-driven placemaking ? Examination and re-imagination of radical practices within arts-led community regeneration.
    ? The role of the individual and the artist/practitioner and other professionals in ?open source? placemaking ? Performing and un-performing place ? Systemic approaches to creative placemaking and Place-based design - Dealing with complexity.
    ? The role of administrations and policy development effected by grassroots placemakings ? The personal is political ? behavourial related interventions of placemaking beyond party political agendas.

    Please submit an abstract for consideration, of no more than 250 words, by 25th October, to<> and<>. Successful applicants will be informed by 27th October for their timely registration to AAG 2016.
  • Please take the 2015 VRA Professional Status Survey!

    Dates: 14 – 30 Oct, 2015

    You are invited to participate in the 2015 Visual Resources Association (VRA) Professional Status Survey. The VRA is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to furthering research and education in the field of image management within the educational, cultural heritage, and commercial environments. The purpose of the survey is to gather information that will assist VRA in understanding and responding to recent changes in the profession.

    You should participant in the survey if you work with or have worked with or are planning to work with: Image Media [Digital Images, Slides, Photographs, Film/Video, Multimedia, PDFs]

    As a: 
    Cataloguer / Curator / Librarian / Archivist / Instructor/ Instructional Designer / IT Specialist / Digital Media Specialist / Photographer / Vendor / Support Staff 
    And/ or with expertise or responsibilities in any of these areas:
    Collection Development / Collection Management / Database Management /        AV Support / Tech Support / Instructional or Research Support / Metadata /          Administration / Rights and Reproductions / Graphic Design / Social Media /          Web Development  

    You should take the survey if the above describes you even if you are a student, unemployed, or retired. There are questions that will be relevant you.

    The survey will take 10 to 30 minutes to complete. 
    The Survey is here:
    The survey will close at 11:59 pm CT, Friday, October 30.

    If you experience technical difficulties with the survey please contact Rebecca Moss at
  • Call for Papers: Design Research - History, Theory, Practice (2016 Design Research Society Conference)

    Dates: 14 Oct – 09 Nov, 2015
    Dear list members, with apologies for cross posting ******** DRS2016 ******** DESIGN + RESEARCH + SOCIETY | FUTURE – FOCUSED THINKING Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference 27-30 June 2016, Brighton UK Deadline for full papers: 9th November 2015 We are pleased to announce the following panel theme, now seeking paper submissions as part of the 2016 DRS conference in Brighton. *Design Research - History, Theory, Practice: histories for future-focused thinking* Design historians continually revise and reflect upon their preoccupations, omissions, emerging methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to design and research. Since design history’s emergence in the 1970s both as an academic discipline and as an intellectual practice concerning the past, present and future of design, this reflexive impulse has included several areas of critical discourse, including gender, material anthropologies, global narratives of design, histories of pedagogy, among others, with this panel’s added preoccupation with histories of design research. The Design Research Society 2016 conference offers an opportunity to examine overlapping constituencies and interests between design history, design research and current practice and asks, what has changed over the last 50 years in the field of design research? This panel takes the anniversary occasion of the DRS, the first multi- disciplinary society for the international design research community, as a starting point and extends the question to include geographies, histories, figures, practices and new models. What can historians contribute to the understanding of design research as a methodology of history, theory and practice? How do social, cultural frameworks influence design research methods? This theme aims to contribute to the formation of new knowledge about design research over the past 50 years in a global context. We invite contributions from a range of constituencies that take histories of future-focused design thinking as their remit. Proposals of interest include (but are not limited to): Translation and shared vocabularies of design research (including geographic, disciplinary, theoretical and practice-led approaches to design and design language); Experiments in and histories of design pedagogy; Emergent constituencies of design research methodologies, agency and trans- national design; Texts and contexts related to design research; Gender in histories of design research and design practice. Information regarding submission, the conference and further themes available via the DRS2016 conference website: Or contact the sub-chairs: Livia Rezende, Royal College of Art, UK & Maya Oppenheimer, London College of Communication, UK Maya Oppenheimer, PhD Teaching & Learning Officer, Design History Society Senior Lecturer & Support Coordinator Contextual & Theoretical Studies School of Design, London College of Communication Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB Livia Rezende, PhD Treasurer, Design History Society Tutor in History of Design Lecturer and Tutor in Critical and Historical Studies School of Humanities, Royal College of Art Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU
  • Architecture and Inequality

    Chicago | Dates: 07 – 07 Nov, 2015
    The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative presents at the Chicago Architecture Biennial a lecture and discussion panel to examine issues of architecture and inequality from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The event will included a series of speakers presenting original research on subjects ranging from the American welfare state and capitalism, to contemporary race and biopolitics. Featured work will include the 'Black Lives Matter' project from the Aggregate website ( The panel's work is framed by the following questions: What can architectural history teach us about the history of inequality in the United States? What might be learned from architectural history and architecture about paths forward out of the current situations of inequality?
  • CPUD '16 / City Planning and Urban Design Summit and Conference

    Istanbul | Dates: 07 – 09 Apr, 2016
    Call for Papers: CITIES AND CITY PLANS: THE PAST AND THE FUTURE CPUD '16 / City Planning and Urban Design Summit and Conference will be held on April 7-9, 2016 at Cezayir Conference Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center)and will be organized by BİLSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions). Special Focus: TRANSPORTATION, ENERGY AND ECONOMY In the new millennium, the politics, needs, priorities and planning itself are in constant change and obviously new challenges in terms of city planning are put forward. Today many cities are working to encourage populations to return to their urban core through the creation of revitalization efforts to distressed neighborhoods and old downtown centers. Industrial zones are moving, life styles are changing and growth and immigration in mega cities are still an issue. Given the importance of cities as significant social, political and economic centers, the rethinking of planning comes at a principal moment when urban policy must be able to plan for a sustainable future in relation to the individual needs of neighborhoods, individuals and established urban systems. KEYNOTES Charnelle Hicks; CHPlanning Charnelle Hicks is the president and principal planner for CHPlanning which provides innovative and cost-effective solutions in comprehensive planning, municipal planning, transportation planning, environmental planning, and community outreach programs for public and private clients throughout the United States. She has nearly 25 years of experience in transportation planning, comprehensive and regional planning, economic development, and public outreach. She has extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) and is a certified PMPEI instructor. Derya OKTAY Derya Oktay is currently a Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Department of Architecture and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey. Prior to her current position, she was the Director of the MS in Urban Design Programme and a professor at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus, and the Founding Director of the Urban Research & Development Center (URDC) at the same institution (1999-2013). In addition, she has served as the President of the Society for International Development (SID) Lefkosa Chapter in Cyprus. PUBLICATION All submitted papers are subject to double blind peer review. Conference proceedings are going to be available on DVD as e-book and DAKAM's digital library with an ISBN number before the conference and will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the "Thomson & Reuters Web of Science's Conference Proceedings Citation Index" (CPCI) and Google Scholars. AGENDA Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 8, 2016 Deadline for registration: March 11, 2016 Deadline for full papers submission: March 18, 2016 Please control our website to see the last updates THEMES 1. CITIES IN TRANSFORMATION, SOCIAL CHANGES AND PLANNING Housing in the New Millenium Ecosystem and Urban Ecology Participation and Governance Economic, Leisure and Tourism Aspects of Contemporary Cities Infrastructure, Facilities, Systems: New Technologies and Economy Water Management and Resource Management Transportation and Movement of People, Goods, Information Best (and Worst) Practices: Informing Future Possibilities Historic Preservation Public Health and Cities Arts, Culture and Creative Placemaking 2. PLANNING IN TRANSFORMATION Rethinking Planning and Urban Design: Evolving and Declining Models of City Planning Practice New Ideas: Small Scale-Large Scale Emergent Planning Aspects Effectiveness of Planning Politics, Social Change and Planning Civic Participation Transformation of Cities: Case Studies Transformation of Urban indicators Best (and Worst) Practices: Informing Future Possibilities Visualization Methods for Planning Planning Visions Past: Their Fates and Impacts Planning Visions Now: Their Innovations and Viability Forecasting - Envisioning: Predicting Probabilities - Imagining Possibilities Teaching Envisioning: Planning Curricula 3. CITY PLANS AND STRATEGIES OF THE PAST Planning History Politics and City Planning Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Urban Issues Success and Failure Economy, Industry and Planning On the Interface of Architecture and Planning Critical Perspectives towards Social Life in Cities VENUE The conference will be held at Cezayir Meeting Halls Hayriye Caddesi 12, Galatasaray, Beyoğlu Cezayir building was built in 1901 as a school by the Italian Workers' Society. The building, with its 2005 renovation, has been transformed into a landmark establishment serving under the Cezayir Garden, Cezayir Lounge and Cezayir Rooms brands on its three floors. Housing a restaurant, a lounge, a bar and meeting rooms as well as providing a wide range of cultural events in its halls. SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE The scientific committee consists of significant scholars, such as Prof. Dr. Fatma UNSAL / Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Prof. Dr. Ismet KILINCASLAN / Istanbul Technical University Prof. Dr. Derya OKTAY / Ondokuz Mayis University Prof. Dr. Eti AKYUZ LEVI / Dokuz Eylul University Prof. Dr. Iclal DINCER / Yildiz Technical University Prof. Dr. Ayse OZCAN / Giresun University Prof. Dr. Aysegul MENGI / Ankara University Associate Professor Zeynep GUNAY / Istanbul Technical University Associate Professor Aynur CAN / Marmara University Associate Professor Elif Ozlem ORAL AYDIN / Gebze Technical University Associate Professor Sebnem Gokcen DUNDAR / Dokuz Eylul University Associate Professor Ozge Yalciner ERCOSKUN / Gazi University Associate Professor Ebru KERIMOGLU / Istanbul Technical University Associate Professor Goksen CAPAR / Ankara University Associate Professor Hasan YAYLI / Kirikkale University Associate Professor Mithat Arman KARASU / Harran University Associate Professor Dr. Safak KAYPAK / Mustafa Kemal University Assistant Professor Dr. Burcu YIGIT TURAN / Ozyegin University Assistant Professor Dr. Irem AYHAN SELCUK / Dokuz Eylul University Assistant Professor Dr. Zeynep YILMAZ BAYRAM / Karadeniz Technical University Assistant Professor Dr. Ozan HOVARDAOGLU / Erciyes University Assistant Professor Dr. Yasemin SARIKAYA LEVENT / Mersin University ABSTRACT SUBMISSION You can submit your abstract by entering the online registration system EASYCHAIR at You will receive a reply to your proposal within three weeks following a double-blind review process.
  • Moving Pictures: Images Across Media in American Visual and Material Culture to 1900

    Worcester | Dates: 20 – 21 Nov, 2015
    The 2015 CHAViC conference, Moving Pictures: Images Across Media in American Visual and Material Culture to 1900, will be held at the American Antiquarian Society on November 20 and 21, 2015. The conference will explore the diversity of uses of the printed image in early America. Speakers will consider imagery found historically in more than one medium in both two- and three-dimensional formats. Papers will be presented from disparate disciplines, including art and architectural history, American studies, material culture studies, literature, history, graphic design, and childhood studies. Presenters will investigate printed scenes reproduced on objects such as transfer-printed ceramics, needlework, children’s toys, daguerreotype cases, and powder horns. They will address, among other issues, racial caricature, violence, making memory, and national identity. Panels will trace the movement of a single image through multiple media formats; examine the intersection between photography and portraiture; and consider the production and circulation of imagery, the transatlantic movement of images, moving image culture for children, and images associated with place. Wendy Bellion, associate professor of art history at the University of Delaware, will deliver the keynote address—“Representing Iconoclasm: Paint, Print, Performance.” Bellion is the author of Citizen Spectator: Art, Illusion, and Visual Perception in Early National America (2011), which was awarded the 2014 Charles C. Eldredge Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in American Art by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
  • Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards Symposium

    Chicago | Dates: 12 Nov, 2015
    The CTBUH 2015 Award Winners will be recognized at the CTBUH 14th Annual Awards Symposium, Ceremony & Dinner, organized in conjunction with the Illinois Institute of Technology. The free Awards Symposium will feature presentations from the 2015 winners. Hear from senior representatives for the client and design teams of these groundbreaking projects, as well as from the 2015 CTBUH Lifetime Achievement Award winners whom have influenced the tall building profession for decades.

    The Symposium program features:
    • Santiago Calatrava, Santiago Calatrava Architects & Engineers, New York – for Turning Torso, Malmö
    • Stefano Boeri, Boeri Studio, Milan – for Bosco Verticale, Milan
    • Mun Summ Wong, WOHA Architects, Singapore – for PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore
    • Kenneth Lewis, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York– for One World Trade Center, New York
    • Philip Nikandrov, Gorproject, Moscow – for Evolution Tower, Moscow
    • James Goettsch, Goettsch Partners, Chicago – for Al Hilal Bank Tower, Abu Dhabi
    • Shinichi Takeuchi, Toyo Ito Associates, Tokyo - for Capitagreen, Singapore
    • Douglas Durst, Durst Organization, New York– for One World Trade Center, New York
    • Hiroo Mori, Mori Building, Tokyo – Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Manfredi Catella, Hines Italia, Milan – for Bosco Verticale, Milan
    • Hin Kong Poon, CapitaLand, Singapore – for Capitagreen, Singapore
    • Jan Andersson, HSB Malmö – for Turning Torso, Malmö
    • Nicholas Billotti, Turner International, New York – Fazlur R. Khan Lifetime Achievement Medal

    Following the Symposium, all of the winning projects and finalists will be celebrated, and awards will be conferred at the Awards Dinner & Ceremony. Finally, to wrap up the dinner, one overall winner will be chosen from among the regional Best Tall Building winners and announced as the overall Best Tall Building Worldwide.

    Winners’ and finalists’ poster presentations will be on display in the CTBUH 2015 Awards Exhibition held in IIT Hermann Hall’s Gallery Lounge.
  • Theatrical Presentation of Mamah Borthwick & A Tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Laurent House

    Rockford | Dates: 10 – 10 Oct, 2015
    In the spirit of Halloween and the fall season, the Frank Lloyd Wright Laurent House has an exciting event planned for this Saturday, October 10. The event features a theatrical presentation of the ghost of Mamah Borthwick. Mamah - the subject of the recent best-selling book, “Loving Frank” - was the great love of Frank Lloyd Wright and was brutally murdered in 1914 at Wright’s home and studio, Taliesin. Presented by Ellie Carlson of Chicago, the presentation will take place in the intimate setting of the early 1900s Chamberlain Hotel at Midway Village & Museum Center in Rockford. The 4 p.m. performance will be followed by a tour of the Laurent House. Refreshments provided. Tickets and more information are on the Laurent House website at
  • Design History Society Grants and Awards

    London | Dates: 15 Nov, 2015 – 30 Nov, 2016
    The Design History Society (DHS) is the leading membership organisation for the study of global design histories, bringing together all those engaged in the subject - students, researchers, educators, designer-makers, critics and curators. Formed in 1977 we have played an important role in shaping inclusive design history, both in the UK and internationally. We welcome members from other disciplines such as anthropology, architecture and art history, business history, the history of science and technology, craft history, cultural studies, economic and social history, design and design management studies. We encourage liberal and inclusive definitions of design history and its methods, approaches and resources. These definitions take in the function, form and materials of artefacts of the pre-industrial and industrial periods, up to and including the present day. These definitions also include artefacts' production, dissemination and consumption as well as their cultural, economic and social meanings.
  • CFP: Midwest Art History Society (Chicago, 7-9 Apr 16)

    Chicago | Dates: 06 Oct – 01 Dec, 2015
    The Midwest Art History Society (MAHS) will hold its annual conference in Chicago on April 7-9, 2016. For further information about the conference and a Call For Papers, please go to the MAHS Newsletter:

    Jointly sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago, Loyola University, Columbia College, and DePaul University, the conference is chaired by Mark Pohlad, Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at DePaul University.  Gloria Groom, Chair of European Painting and Sculpture, and David and Mary Winton Green Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago, will give the plenary address on Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom paintings, a topic chosen to coincide with the subject of a major Art Institute exhibition on display in spring, 2016.

    Please consider presenting a paper in one of the many sessions listed below.  Session abstracts may be found in the MAHS Newsletter. Thanks!
    Best wishes,
    Susan Solway

    Alternative Exhibition Spaces
    Tricia Van Eck, Founder & Director of 6018 North, Chicago

    Art for All Seasons–Art and Sculpture in Parks and Gardens Wendy N. DePaolis, University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

    Black Arts Movement
    Marissa Baker, University of Illinois, Chicago (

    Bookish: The Global World of Artists' Books in Chicago
    Hannah B. Higgins University of Illinois, Chicago ( Nicole L. Woods, University of Notre Dame (

    The Chicago Bauhaus: A Force of Modernism Susan J. Baker, University of Houston-Downtown (

    Chicago Design: Histories and Narratives
    Jonathan Mekinda, University of Illinois, Chicago ( Bess Williamson, Stiles School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    The Chicago World's Fair: A Re-evaluation Navjotika Kumar, Kent State University (

    Curatorial Programs in Higher Education
    Lorelei Stewart, University of Illinois, Chicago,

    El Arte in the Midwest
    Jamie L. Ratliff, University of Minnesota, Duluth (

    ‘Good and Plenty?’: The Successes and Pitfalls of Fellowships and Grants for the Visual Arts Lindsay J. Twa, Augustana College (

    International Art Collections of Chicago Onur Öztürk, Columbia College Chicago (

    Native American Images in Modern and Contemporary Art Soo Kang, Chicago State University (

    The Personal is Political– Feminist Social Practice Neysa Page-Lieberman, Columbia College Chicago

    The Social Role of the Portrait
    Amy M. Mooney, Columbia College Chicago (

    Undergraduate Research Session
    Valerie Hedquist, University of Montana (


    Amy Mickelson, St. Thomas University, St. Paul (

    Patricia Smith Scanlan, independent art historian, Chicago

    Omur Hamansah, University of Illinois, Chicago (

    Cheryl Bachand, DePaul University (

    Curt Hansman, DePaul University (

    Miguel Alvar deBaca, Lake Forest College (

    History of Photography
    David Travis, Columbia College Chicago/formerly Art Institute of Chicago (

    Islamic Art and Architecture
    Bilha Moor, Northwestern University (

    Italian Renaissance/Baroque
    Marilyn Dunn, Loyola University, Chicago (

    Latin American and Pre-Columbian
    Ellen Taylor Baird, University of Illinois, Chicago (

    Susan Solway, DePaul University (

    Nineteenth-Century Art
    Christine Bentley, Missouri Southern State University

    Northern Renaissance
    Ann M. Roberts, Lake Forest College (

    Prints and Drawings
    Suzanne Karr Schmidt, Art Institute of Chicago (

    Recent Acquisitions in Midwest Collections Jonathan Canning, Loyola University Museum of Art (

    Technology and Digital Media
    Catherine Zurybida, DePaul University (

    Twentieth-Century Art
    William B. Sieger, Northeastern Illinois University (
  • Nightscape 2050 Travelling Exhibition | Singapore

    Singapore | Dates: 24 Oct – 21 Nov, 2015
    In celebration of the International Year of Light in 2015 and the practice's 25th anniversary, Lighting Planners Associates (LPA) is putting up an ambitious show Nightscape 2050, with the exhibition travelling from Berlin to Singapore and then to Hong Kong and Tokyo, from August 2015 to June 2016. Nightscape 2050 is intended to be one of its kind for Light and Lighting, in which visions of the future of lighting and the way LPA imagines to use this light are shared with the visitors. Nightscape 2050 will be shown at National Design Centre in Singapore from 24 October to 21 November 2015. The presentation will feature an experiential projection installation Light Pavilion, a timeline exhibition on the Evolution of Singapore's Nightscape - from 1800 to 2050, video installation Learning from Masters, children's activity Lighting Detectives Jr Workshop, public talks at the Atrium, as well as the launch of a monograph LPA 1990–2015 Tide of Architectural Lighting, documenting 101 hand-picked works by LPA over 25 years.
  • George W. Maher: Walk & Talk

    Hinsdale | Dates: 18 – 18 Oct, 2015
    Tour of the Coffeen House, Hinsdale, IL followed by walking tour.
  • The Landmarks of New York - An Illustrated Record of the City's Historic Buildings

    Brooklyn | Dates: 21 Oct, 2015 – 26 Feb, 2016
    The Landmarks of New York - An Illustrated Record of the City's Historic Buildings is an exhibition of 90 selected photographs of some of New York’s landmarks. The exhibition compliments The Landmarks of New York, Fifth Edition: An Illustrated Record of the City’s Historic Buildings, published in 2011. The exhibition created and organized by Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, author, television host and producer, preservationist, and civic activist. Dr. Spielvogel is chairperson of the Historic Landmarks Preservation Center, vice-chair of the New York State Council on the Arts, and director of the Trust for the National Mall. She was he first director of the Office of Cultural Affairs of New York City and the longest-serving commissioner of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. The 90 buildings featured in the exhibition include such architectural icons as the Woolworth Building, Rockefeller Center,the Brooklyn Bridge, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, as well as less familiar works such as the Rockefeller Guest House on East 52nd Street; the Historic Street Lamppost on Sutton Place at East 58th Street; and the Little Red Lighthouse in Fort Washington Park. The exhibit is currently on display at the Conrad B. Duberstein U.S. Bankruptcy Courthouse, located at 271 Cadman Plaza East, 2nd Floor Atrium, Brooklyn, NY. The exhibit can be viewed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday until Friday, February 26, 2016. On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the NYC Landmarks50 Alliance in collaboration with the Eastern District of New York U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the U.S. General Services Administration will hold a viewing of the exhibit, panel discussion and reception entitled "Preserving our Architectural History: The Business Case for Landmarks Preservation", from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. The program will be moderated by Frank Sanchis, III, Director of United States Programs at the World Monument Fund. Panelists include, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Assosiate Professor, Columbia University and Partner ShoP Architects, Gregory Dietrich, Preservation Consultant and Author of A Proven Success: How the NYC Landmarks Law and Process Benefit the City, Joseph G. Rose, President, Rose Urban Strategies and former Chair, City Planning Commission, Beth Savage, Historic Buildings and Preservation Manager, U.S. General Services Administration and William M. Singer, Chief Plan Examiner, Borough of Brooklyn, NYC Department of Buildings, former Partner, Gruzen Samton Architects. To RSVP for the event, please RSVP to: The invitation is non-transferable and space is limited. All Guests will be required to pass through security checkpoints.
  • Shifting Cities: Urban Heritage in the 21st Century, 12-14 November 2015, Rutgers University

    New Brunswick | Dates: 12 – 14 Nov, 2015
    The Program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (CHAPS) at Rutgers University is pleased to announce the international conference, SHIFTING CITIES: Urban Heritage in the 21st Century, to be held in New Brunswick, NJ from 12-14 November 2015. This international conference will examine the phenomenon of shifting populations and their connections to urban heritage. Keynote speakers include Ishmael Beah, the award-winning author and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and Jyoti Hosagrahar, UNESCO Chair Professor in Culture, Habitat, and Sustainable Development at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore and Director of Sustainable Urbanism International at Columbia University and Bangalore, India. The conference will include roundtable discussions, exhibitions, documentary film screenings, and musical performances. All events are free and open to the public but pre-registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit the conference website:
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