One-to-One Campaign

Help Us Reach Our Goal of 5,000 Members

The One-to-One Campaign aims for each member of SAH to recruit one new member by the end of the calendar year. With your help, we can double our membership numbers and reach our goal of 5,000 members. This would not only allow the Society to have a bigger impact on current discussions about the built environment, it would also help reduce the costs of many SAH activities for each individual member. 

Learn more about our Individual and Joint Membership and Professional Associates Membership categories.

Below are some thoughts to consider and helpful tips to use when reaching out to potential members. We've also put together an SAH Membership Kit to help you share information about SAH with friends, colleagues and students.

If you have questions, please contact SAH Membership Director Anne Bird at

One-to-One Campaign – Some Thoughts to Consider

Share your story:
Who introduced you to SAH? How has it helped you? Why do you continue your membership? Who have you met through SAH? What opportunities for advancement has SAH offered you (fellowships, grants, awards, etc.)?

Familiarize yourself with what SAH offers: Visit the SAH website and check out the online resources available to members (JSAH, SAH Archipedia, SAHARA, the Career Center, Members in the News, fellowship and grant opportunities, study programs, SAH Newsletter, and more).

Assign an article from JSAH to your students, written by someone you know and respect or who you met through SAH. Make sure your students know about student membership and the opportunities available to them as a member of SAH (special research, Annual Conference and Study Tour Fellowships, the H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship, etc.).

Think about how SAH helps you in your career or research: Things to consider include: using SAHARA, SAH Archipedia, online JSAH articles in your research; putting a question out on the listserv; contacting a colleague through the member directory; networking with a colleague you met at the Annual Conference. Did you publish a book, an article or something in BUS/SAH Archipedia?

Anticipate objections: Have an answer ready for typical objections, including cost, membership in other organizations, limited time for participation, etc. The responses below are meant to help you answer some common objections.

  • Cost: SAH membership costs between 16 cents and 39 cents a day and is relatively low compared to some other professional membership organizations. The benefits in terms of networking, professional resources, and opportunities make it a true value.

  • My library already subscribes to JSAH: Libraries don’t have access to SAHARA or the listserv and your membership gives you access to the full version of SAH Archipedia. Also, SAH offers its members more than $100,000 annually in research, travel and annual conference fellowships.

  • Time constraints: You can be as active as you want, and your level of participation is up to you and how much time you have available.

  • Fellowships: If you don’t apply, the answer will definitely be NO.

  • SAH is only interested in modern architecture: Not so! True, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of sessions proposals on modern themes, but the General Chairs of every conference in recent memory have made concerted effort to include pre-modern topics. If scholars of ancient, medieval and early modern architecture and urbanism stay away until things change, the situation will only get worse, with General Chairs receiving even fewer and fewer proposals on pre-modern topics. In order to reverse that trend, we need more scholars of the pre-modern to join and become actively involved. And think of it this way: in the short term, if you submit a session proposal on a pre-modern theme, it has a much better chance of getting accepted!

  • SAH puts too much emphasis on scholars in tenure-track positions: While that might have been true in the past, we have a new Professional Development Committee whose charge is to address the needs of SAH members who are in adjunct positions or forging careers (by necessity or by choice) outside the academy.

  • Membership: This is YOUR professional society—these are YOUR people—it is worth the investment, and each person brings something of value to the table.

Don’t have an answer?
Offer to get an answer. Call the SAH staff at 312-573-1365—we are always happy to help!

SAH Membership Kit

The SAH Membership Kit to makes it easy for you share information about SAH membership with your friends, colleagues, or students. 

Included in the kit:
Download the entire SAH Membership Kit:
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