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During the month of October, SAH Archipedia's full content is publicly available. After this promotional period, the full content will be available by subscription and SAH Archipedia Classic Buildings will offer a selection of content to the public.

About SAH Archipedia

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) and University of Virginia Press (UVaP) are collaborating on the phased development of SAH Archipedia, an interactive, media-rich online encyclopedia of American architecture. SAH Archipedia is rooted in 70 years of research and publishing by SAH as well as SAH’s and UVaP's experience developing three online publications: JSAH online, SAH’s multimedia journal; SAHARA, SAH’s shared online image archive; and ROTUNDA, UVaP's digital publishing platform. All three of these online resources, which were funded by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, grew out of the digital humanities revolution that began in the 1990s and that continues to grow with the ever-changing landscape of new technologies.

The first phase of SAH Archipedia, which has been funded by a $460,000 matching grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, is an educational online resource of more than 50,000 building histories, photographs, maps and essays from the Society’s peer-reviewed Buildings of the United States book series, which currently has 16 volumes in print. SAH Archipedia will be published as two websites:

SAH Archipedia Classic Buildings, which will be a free online encyclopedia that will contain 100 of each state’s most representative buildings as well as teacher guides for using the information in the classroom.

SAH Archipedia
an even richer, fuller online edition that will link to other scholarly resources and will be available from UVa Press’s ROTUNDA through institutional and individual subscriptions.

Eventually, as funding permits, SAH Archipedia will expand to include global architecture, landscapes and urbanism.

SAH Archipedia
is a joint project of the Society of Architectural Historians and University of Virginia Press Inquiries about the project should go to Pauling Saliga, Exec. Director, SAH, 312.573.1365