SAH 2021 Virtual Conference

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Contact us at info@sah.org or 312-573-1365.


Why is there a cost to attend the virtual conference? Isn’t Zoom free?
There are technology and staff-time expenses associated with running a virtual conference. SAH subscribes to a professional-level Zoom plan that includes webinar and meeting services to be used at the scale of a 1000+ attendee conference. In addition to the technology, there is the year-round staff time required to manage and produce the conference (a cost that is also incurred each year with the in-person conference). SAH staff spend a large portion of their time working on the many tasks that are involved in creating a high-quality conference experience for attendees. The virtual conference registration rates are lower than the in-person rates and, without the additional costs of travel and hotel this year, our hope is that more people will be able to participate.

Do I need to be a member to participate in the virtual conference?
Membership is not required to participate in the SAH 2021 Virtual Conference. There is a registration rate for non-members. The non-member registration rate does not include membership. To register as an SAH member, your membership must be valid during the conference dates (April 13–17, 2021).

Do I need to register for the free programs?
Yes, registration is required for the SAH Montréal Seminar and the roundtables. Links to join the Zoom events will be sent to registered attendees, so we need to know who will be participating. Full conference registration is not required to register for the SAH Montréal Seminar and the roundtables. To register for these events only, select "Montréal Seminar and Roundtables Only" on the registration form. When registering for the conference, please indicate which roundtables and events you plan to attend on the registration form.

Can I add events to my conference registration?
Yes, you can add events to your registration by following these instructions (view step-by-step instructions with screenshots):

  • Log into the website
  • From the SAH Online Portal select “My Events” under the “Events” tab
  • Expand the details of the event registration (SAH 2021 Virtual Conference) by clicking the down arrow to the right of the event
  • Under “Other Options” select “Change Sessions” to take you to the registration page
  • You can then add the Sessions you want from your registration.

Paper Sessions

What is the schedule for the paper sessions?
SAH will present 36 paper sessions over the course of three days (Wednesday, April 14–Friday, April 16). There will be three tracks each day consisting of four concurrent paper sessions. Please see the conference program for details.

How do I access the paper sessions?
Registered attendees will need to log in to the SAH website to gain access to a page that has Zoom links to all of the sessions. If you need assistance logging in to the website, please call 312-573-1365.

Will the paper sessions be live or pre-recorded?
The paper sessions will be presented live on Zoom, but the papers themselves will be pre-recorded. Session chairs and speakers will be live for introductions and for the interactive Q&A portion at the end of the session.

Why did you decide to pre-record the paper presentations?
We asked speakers to pre-record their paper presentations instead of presenting them live in order to avoid any technical issues that might come up during the live session. Another reason we chose to go this route was to keep the timing of the papers on schedule. Each recorded paper presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes. Additionally, with up to five speakers per session, it is more efficient to have one person managing the screen sharing of the recorded presentations. Papers were pre-recorded so attendees could watch for 30 days after the live sessions. Since some speakers opt out of making their presentation available after the conference, we cannot simply record a live session for playback; we can only provide recordings of the papers for which we have received permission to share.

Why aren’t all of the paper presentations available to view after the conference?
SAH does not require speakers to make their recorded presentations available to attendees; speakers may opt out of sharing their presentation after the conference. Registrants will only have access to the presentations that SAH has been granted permission to share.

How do I know if video of a paper presentation will be available for post-conference viewing?
The PDF version of the conference program will indicate whether or not video of a presentation will be available to watch after the conference.

Why are paper presentations only available for 30 days?
Speakers are presenting works-in-progress, and they may be uncomfortable with their materials being available indefinitely and to an unknown number of viewers. Therefore, recordings of the paper presentations are only available online to registered conference attendees for 30 days after the event.

Do the virtual paper sessions qualify for AIA CES learning units?
The Society of Architectural Historians is an AIA CES Approved Provider. Each paper session attended in its entirety qualifies for 2.25 AIA CES learning units (LU). SAH will report your attendance and record your earned learning units. You will be able to download our AIA CES form from the website to note your participation.

Conference Policies

What is SAH's social media policy?
Conference papers/presentations may not be shared on social media, photographed, recorded, or otherwise disseminated unless the speaker otherwise specifies. Attendees are expected to respect this policy and act accordingly.

What is SAH’s personal conduct policy?
SAH’s Personal Conduct Policy for in-person meetings still applies to the virtual conference. In summary, all participants will conduct themselves in a professional manner that is welcoming to all and free from any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. SAH is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and SAH staff. Participants will treat each other with respect and consideration to create a collegial, inclusive, and professional environment. Retaliation for complaints of inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.


Do I need Zoom to participate in the virtual conference? 
We recommend that you download Zoom Client for Meetings ahead of time: https://zoom.us/download

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, but we recommend that you manually download it prior to the conference using the link above.

Although you do not need to download the Zoom application to participate—you can run the meeting in your browser by clicking “join from your browser” at the bottom of the page—the viewing experience is better through the app.

What are the Zoom system requirements?
View Zoom System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux.

How will I access the sessions through Zoom?
All sessions will be accessible via Zoom. Registered attendees will need to log in to the SAH website to gain access to a page that has Zoom links to all of the sessions. If you need assistance logging in to the website, please call 312-573-1365.

Can someone help me if I’m having trouble logging in to the SAH website?
Yes, SAH staff are happy to help.  If you need assistance logging in to the website, please call 312-573-1365.


I have a disability that requires accommodations in order for me to participate actively in the conference. Will you provide accommodations?
Yes, we want to ensure that everyone is able to participate. If you need accommodations, please reach out to SAH Director of Programs Christopher Kirbabas at ckirbabas@sah.org.

Will the paper sessions and other programs be closed captioned?
Yes, automatic closed captioning will be provided for all sessions and conference programs. Please be advised that auto-captioning may not be 100% accurate.


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