SAH 2023 Annual International Conference


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The preliminary program for Montréal 2023 will be available as a PDF and online in December 2022.

Montréal Sessions

Presented in person (April 12–16)
  • Administering Architecture: Actors, Processes, and Systems
  • Architectural Experiments in Decommodified Housing
  • Architecture and Modernization in North Africa
  • Beyond Housing: Transnational Programs and Speculative Developments
  • Beyond the Mall: Retail Landscapes of the Late Twentieth Century
  • Designing While Black
  • Development Zones at Home and Abroad, 1800–Present
  • Extractive Entanglements in the Histories of Canadian Architecture
  • French Beaux-Arts Migrations to the Americas: Contexts and Issues
  • Graduate Student Lightning Talks
  • Invention and Inventory: Material Histories of Model-making
  • Lines of Property and Regimes of Ownership
  • Material Religion Through the Sacred Interior
  • Modern Architecture Below the Mason-Dixon Line
  • Neuroscience for Architectural History
  • Night Scenes: For a Nocturnal History of Architecture
  • Open Sessions (4)
  • Paradoxes of Connectivity: Urban Infrastructure Corridors
  • Port of Call: The Indian Ocean's Early Modern Landscapes and Heritage
  • Postcolonial Strategies for the History of Materials
  • Queering Spatial Histories: Intersectional Approaches
  • Reading Postcard Architecture Against the Grain
  • Reinventing Islamic Architecture in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Rewriting Architectural History Through Reparative Descriptions
  • Safe Spaces
  • Silent Collaborators: On Authorship in Architecture
  • The Architecture Competition as a Cultural Mechanism
  • The Unresolved Tensions of Mass Housing
  • Transactional Spaces: Currency in the Imperial Built Environment
  • Underworlds and the Architectural Imaginary
  • Whose Garden is it Anyway? Design, Ownership, Territory, and Agency
  • Writing Alternative Histories of Disaster Relief: Architecture and Humanitarianism

Virtual Sessions

Presented online (September 20–22)
  • (Anti-)architectures of Colonization During the Cold War
  • Architecture and Interspecies Relations
  • Colonial Surveys
  • Implicit Choices and Appropriations: Architectural Software Histories
  • Making Sacred Spaces in the Diaspora: Re-purposed Architecture
  • Neo-Medievalism Studies: New Directions for Architectural Historians
  • On Belonging: Architecture and Property Law
  • Open Sessions (4)
  • Playfulness in Modern Architecture
  • The Philadelphia School Goes Abroad
  • What is “shared”? Architectural Heritage in Conflict

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