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Gifts to SAH Archipedia and Buildings of the United States Publications

by User Not Found | Apr 11, 2013
In the last year, SAH has received a number of grants for SAH Archipedia and three volumes of the Buildings of the United States series, Buildings of Texas Volume I (2013), Volume II (2016), Buildings of Hawaii (2011), and Buildings of North Dakota (2014).

SAH would like to thank the Brown Foundation, Inc., the Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation, and the Summerlee Foundation for their generous support of the print and digital editions of both Buildings of Texas Volumes. SAH would also like to thank the John R. Halligan Charitable Trust for their generous support for the digital publication of Buildings of Hawaii in
SAH Archipedia. Grants from these foundations will support a variety of activities related to the digital and print production of the books, including research, photography, and editing and mapping.

SAH also received a number of gifts in support of research, writing, and photography for Buildings of North Dakota. SAH would like to thank the State Historical Society of North Dakota for a generous grant, and EAPC Architects Engineers, Hepper Olson Architects, Hulsing & Associates Architects, Image Groups Inc./Clark, Holman, and Moorhead, and Zerr Berg Architects, architecture firms in North Dakota and Minnesota who have contributed gifts to the project. 


SAH thanks The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
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