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Save the Date: SAH Field Seminar to China and Myanmar

by SAH News | Mar 16, 2017

SunYatsenTomb_300x225Mark your calendars for the SAH Field Seminar to China, December 26, 2017, to January 7, 2018. December is the perfect time to go to China when the trip is south of the Yangtze River. Travel in the warmth and sun of South China from Shanghai to China’s greatest beauty spots and gardens (Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, and Ningbo), the great capital Nanjing, the commercial seaport Guangzhou (Canton) and off-the-beaten-track Huizhou and Guiyang, with long-time SAH member and Chinese architectural historian Nancy Steinhardt. This twelve-day trip will offer an in-depth view of South China’s cities, buildings, and sites through the course of two millennia. In addition to the buildings and museums on every tourist itinerary, we will visit UNESCO and World Heritage sites, a second-century BCE tomb, a glass pagoda, churches, a mosque, a rare example of “beamless” construction, memorials to Sun Yat-sen, sixteenth-century merchant residences, nineteenth-century European residences, and a Dong drum tower, and we will meet practicing architect-architectural historians. Nancy Steinhardt will lecture during the tour. She will also take the group on a four-day, optional extension into Myanmar. 

Details will be available on the SAH website in the coming weeks. Registration opens at 3 pm CDT on Tuesday, April 11.


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