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Update on SAH Archipedia

by Pauline Saliga | Nov 15, 2017

SAH continues to develop new content and improved technology for SAH Archipedia. Over the next two years, we plan to migrate all the content to a new, mobile-friendly platform that will be allow for greater accessibility and use.

We are pleased to announce that 102 Illinois building entries have recently been published in SAH Archipedia. The three-person team of architectural historians and preservation advocates who researched, wrote, photographed, and mapped the entries, Jean A. Follett, Elizabeth A. Milnarik, and James E. Peters, toured the state to achieve the right balance of worthy sites in major cities, smaller towns and rural areas. As all SAH Archipedia state editors know, it’s a difficult balance to strike, and we appreciate the tough judgement calls that all SAH Archipedia editors and authors had to exercise to develop a curated list of the most representative architecture and cultural landscapes in their state.

Hegeler-Carus Mansion, east elevation. Image courtesy of Hegeler Carus Foundation.

While the building and landscape entries for several other states go through the final stages of editing, the SAH editorial team has been commissioning new interpretive essays that analyze American architecture typologically or thematically, revised and updated building entries for cities like Las Vegas, which have gone through radical change, and K-12 lesson plans so teachers can use SAH Archipedia for classroom teaching and research. In the meantime, the University of Virginia Press team has been customizing a new publishing platform to accommodate the new content, to have a user-friendly design, and to display well on mobile devices. 

We thank the entire SAH Archipedia family of scholars, writers, editors, photographers, peer reviewers, and institutional partners who continue to work very hard to build and grow this important online educational resource.

Pauline Saliga
Executive Director

Riverside map (1870). Courtesy Village of Riverside.

Principia College, College Chapel, east elevation. Image by James Peters.


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