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SAH Archipedia Highlighted at National Humanities Conference

by ACLS News | Dec 04, 2017
A special panel at the 2017 National Humanities Conference in Boston brought together the executive directors of four ACLS member societies to discuss their associations' efforts to increase public engagement with humanities research. The society directors presented a diverse array of initiatives, from a major traveling exhibition and interactive website that explore the fraught topic of race to a US government supported effort to monitor and remediate the destruction of cultural heritage sites in the conflict zones in the Middle East. . . .

Pauline Saliga highlighted SAH Archipedia, a growing, interactive digital encyclopedia produced by the Society of Architectural Historians that catalogues the built world with histories, photographs, and maps. Saliga also pointed to SAH's award-winning book series, Buildings of the United States, which offer state-by-state guides to the rich architectural heritage of the United States for a variety of audiences, including community planners, elementary and secondary school classrooms, and the general public. 

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