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SAH Completes NEH Match for SAH Archipedia

by SAH News | Sep 09, 2014

With more than six months to spare, SAH has finished raising $150,000 in new funding to match a $300,000 grant offer from NEH to create new born-digital content for SAH Archipedia. The $450,000 in funding has enabled SAH to hire project and media editors to work with more than 30 teams of authors who are writing building histories for the 100 most representative buildings in each of the states not yet included in SAH Archipedia. When complete in mid-2015, the online educational resource will cover all 50 states and will form an authoritative, peer-reviewed online encyclopedia of American architecture. To visit the open access version of SAH Archipedia, go to SAH members and subscribing libraries can use the fuller version of SAH Archipedia, which contains thousands of building histories originally published in Buildings of the United States volumes, by logging into the SAH website and going to the SAH Archipedia webpage.

Funding for the NEH match was raised in a variety of ways including $53,250 from foundations and organizations; $50,000 from the SAH in Paris event; $28,230 from the 2013 SAH Awards Gala at the Casino in Chicago; $16,710 from individuals and architectural firms; and $11,790 from royalties earned on BUS books and SAH Archipedia.

Foundation and organizational support for the NEH match came from the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Atherton Family Foundation, The Brown Foundation of Houston, State Historical Society of North Dakota, John R. Halligan Charitable Fund, Historic Savannah Foundation, Merck Foundation, Pritzker Military Museum and Library/Tawani Foundation, and The Summerlee Foundation.  

We extend our special thanks to two former SAH Board members: Robert Rubin, who envisioned the highly successful SAH in Paris fundraiser focusing on his home, the Maison de Verrre, and Brent Harris, owner of the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, who contributed the final $10,000 to finish the NEH match. We also sincerely thank the following individuals who participated in the SAH in Paris event and who each contributed $2,000 toward the NEH match: Anthony Alofsin, Patricia Alofsin, William Batson, Ramla Benaissa, Christine Bernick, David Bernick, R. Scott Gill, Janet Heller, Linda Lyons, Jonathan Lyons, Marvin Mitchell, Tessa Namuth, Peter Papademetriou, Sheila Peden, Clare Reichenbach, Suzanne Rosenfeld, J. William Rudd, Nancy Shamu, Walter Shamu, Christopher Shunk, Thomas Stegeman, William Stegeman, Robert Stillman, Janet Surkin, and Jennifer Tate.

Architectural firms and individuals who contributed additionally to the match include: Nicholas Adams, James Addiss, Leslie Beller, Anne Bird, Anthony Caldwell, Jill Caskey, Sherman Clarke, James Dart, Dan Deibler, Lu Donnelly, Anne Evans, Richard Beattie and Ted Gale, Hepper Olson Architects, Alison Hoagland, Jamie Jacobs, Virginia Jansen, Kyle Johnson, Karen Kingsley, Sara Levi, Linda Lyons, Nonnie Balcer and Gavin Macrae-Gibson, John Martine, Eileen Michels, Peter Miller, Richard Nicholson, Brian Percival, Alexandra Schultz, R.R. S. Stewart, Damie Stillman, Troy Thompson, Ellen Weiss, David Wilkins, Deborah Williams, Astrid Witschi, and Victoria Young.

We sincerely thank all of you who supported our efforts to secure the entire NEH grant offer. You are helping us expand SAH Archipedia into a powerful scholarly and educational resource.

 Pauline Saliga, SAH Executive Director 


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