Call for Bibliographic References to Expand the Women in Architecture Bibliography

The SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group and SAH WiA AG Registers Committee invite submissions of bibliographic references, new or absent in the initial edition of the SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography. Contributors will be recognized in Acknowledgements. We invite references to expand:

– The list of book titles authored/edited BY women, who are architectural and art historians, educators, curators, critics, other protagonists in our profession;

– The list of book titles ABOUT women’s contribution to the built environment integrating works in broader diversity, border- and cross-disciplinary studies, covering various geographies, and areas relevant to understanding and teaching the subject;

– The list of theses ABOUT women’s contribution to the discipline;

– The list of book titles, following the same logistics, published in Spanish.

Submission Deadline: November 10, 2021; Subject Line: WiA Bibliography 2022; Format: Word doc. / Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition

The SAH Women in Architecture Bibliography is a comprehensive project in-progress of the SAH WiA AG Registers Committee, a groundbreaking effort to document and recognize the essential role women have played in the creation of the built environment, from practicing architects, urban, landscape, and interior designers, to artists and craftsmen, to the many scholars who have informed, advocated, and educated through their publications, exhibitions, and numerous public and private programs around women in architecture. While there have been bibliographies and collections developed on the topic, no effort has been made to organize a major inclusive database of books and theses about the contribution of women to the built environment. These efforts of the SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group have just launched, and the initial open e-access edition containing c. 1,100 titles has been published online in July and in August 2021. The Society of Architectural Historians and the SAH WiA AG are committed to creating the bibliography that will lead current and future generations of professionals to the core literature of inclusive, powerful writings by and about women in the integral field of architecture.

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