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Think.Design.Build Conference - Doctoral Colloquium

The Institute for Architecture is currently organizing an international doctoral colloquium. The

doctoral colloquium will be an integral part of the upcoming 2nd International Conference Think.

Design. Build. 2 – Type, Typology and Typogenesis in Architecture, which will be held on

November 8th and 9th on the campus of the Technical University Berlin. Twenty doctoral students

in five small panels will be given the opportunity to present and discuss their research findings

with the distinguished scholars of the conference who will chair the five panels.


Excerpt from the conference description: Type, Typology, and Typogenesis in Architecture will

address the process of type formation in contemporary architecture and urban design. The

conference’s topic is more based on the notion of typology as the process of type formation, or

typogenesis, and less on the common understanding of typology in terms of specific orders,

classifications, uses and forms. Until recently, type formation was considered slow and

evolutionary; the creative friction between the settings of existing buildings and new usage

requirements has change the process of typogenesis considerably. Today, typogenesis no

longer seems to be an evolutionary optimization process, but is a disruptive-revolutionary

process of reinterpreting the existing. With a focus on type, typology and typogenesis, the

conference will critically examine the three knowledge practices: thinking (concept/word),

designing (drawing/model), and building (material/structure) in terms of their respective

mediality, modes of action, and knowledge potential, as well as the correlation between these

three levels of knowledge production.


We invite PhD candidates of the field of architecture, architectural theory and history, art theory

and history, cultural studies, and sociology to submit a 300 word abstract, in either English or

German. The topics submitted should correspond to one of the three panels: think

(concept/word), design (drawing/model), and build (material/structure).


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