The Great Pullman Strike Tour, 125th Anniversary

It was 125 years ago, May 11, 1894. Thousands of irate Pullman’s Palace Car Company workers laid down their tools and walked out the factory gates sparking what is still considered one of the most contentious labor uprisings in American history, the Great Pullman Strike. Be there July 13th to walk in the footsteps of the brave men and women who risked it all to challenge one of America’s most powerful corporate monopolies. Peel back the Gilded Age veneer of the “World’s Most Perfect Town” to reveal the lives of those deeply affected by the strike: the striking workers and their families who starved in the tenements of “Poverty Row,” those who strategized in the nearby taverns and halls of “Bumtown;” and those forbidden to strike: the long-suffering Pullman porters, forced to keep Pullman’s cars running in the face of peril.

Join members of the Pullman National Monument Preservation Society for this two-hour guided walking tour. The tour route is approximately 2.5 miles. Afterward, come for a post-tour reception and dessert.

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