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Benjamin Marshall Society White Summer Soiree

All White Summer Soiree in a private apartment at 999 N. Lake Shore Drive! Tickets $80.00 per person.

Join us for an all White Summer Soiree in a private apartment at 999 N. Lake Shore Drive! You know, that building on the curve opposite the Drake Hotel, that mystery dream place we never get a chance to experience? On Wednesday, August 14, we have the amazing opportunity for a very rare and unique visit to a private “mansion in the sky” with an original Marshall floor plan. This sparkling apartment overlooking Lake Michigan is so elegant, so memorable, we have included it in our film! Tickets are $80.00 per person. Space is limited!

The evening will be filled with surprises as well. And it’s an all white cocktail party, white as the color of sails and the foam of waves and the blowsy white curtains in The Great Gatsby, so rev up your yellow phaetons and come with us to another time and place.

Your attendance will help us complete our fundraising drive for the first-ever introductory film on Benjamin H. Marshall, the visionary of East Lake Shore Drive, to be premiered this fall at the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

The film, thanks to many of you who will have your names in the credits through your generous contributions, is well on its way. And it’s not too late either! There are different options on our website just for film contributions. This historic film will be fabulous and memorable thanks to the passion and professionalism of Wild Bill Productions from Hollywood

Imagine, It was in 1911 when courageously, Benjamin Marshall planted 999 Lake Shore Drive in what was then a vast wasteland filled with debris from the Chicago Fire of 1871. Oh, it’s not like it was not already an idea floating in the air, but talk, don’t we know, is cheap. Imagine what a pioneer, visionary and risk-taker Benjamin Marshall was. With all the money in the world, would YOU have moved there? He managed to persuade the wealthy not only to move from their gorgeous South Prairie Avenue mansions on Chicago’s far south side, but to get them to move into an apartment building which was unheard of at the time. With 999, Chicago’s “Mansions in the Sky” were born!

It is extraordinary that the elegance and beauty of 999 continue to dazzle as much today as it did back then when alone it stood for over an entire year.

So come join us for this magical insider’s view and be a part of history!

White Summer Soiree

Wednesday, August 14 from 6 pm to 8pm at 999 N.Lake Shore Drive.

Tickets: $80.00. Tax deductible to the extent of the law


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