SAH Study Tour, Unveiling Southern Italian Architecture: Naples and Campania from Antiquity through the 18th Century

| Jul 29, 2008
by: Mia Reinoso Genoni, Scott Opler Fellow

13 to 23 May 2008

On behalf of the leaders and participants of the SAH Study Tour of Naples and Campania, I bid you welcome. We hope you enjoy this virtual experience as much as we enjoyed the tour itself.

Because of the depth and breadth of architecture covered, the tour was treated like an “opera,” with a fabulous cast of characters.

Medievalist Caroline Bruzelius conceived of and led the tour.

Mantha Zarmakoupi took us through the sites of Antiquity.

Bianca de Divitiis (right) discussed the Renaissance, while Paola D’Agostino (left) covered the Baroque.

Tour participant and SAH representative Dianne Harris provided commentary on landscape architecture and flora throughout the tour – and throughout the milennia, starting in ancient Pompeii and ending with the mid-18th-century palace of Caserta.

Medievalist Virginia Jansen (right) spoke about Sant’Angelo in Formis, and her fellow admirer of Amalfi lemons, Naomi Miller (left), was the tour MVP in every possible way!

The incomparable Valentina Semeraro ( made sure the trip ran smoothly – no small feat in Naples!

And this is me, the thoroughly delighted Scott Opler Fellow, pretty much just holding on to my hat and enjoying the (if you’ll excuse the pun) tour-de-force that was our trip to Naples and Campania.

Study tour participants are: Jacob Albert, Louise Todd Ambler, Ramla Beniassa, Joan and John Blew, Sheila Donahue, Robert W. Deumling, Hank Dunlop, Mia Reinoso Genoni (Opler Fellow), Peter and Gail Goltra, Susan Green, Dianne Harris (SAH Rep), Virginia Jansen, Carol H. Krinsky, Jonathan S. and Linda B. Lyons, Myra Malkin, John Martine, Gary Menges, Fraser and Helen Muirhead, Naomi Miller, Janis and John Notz, Edward Pass, Carole and Richard Rifkind, Charles Robertson, Marilyn Schmitt, and K. Lisa Lang. Photos in this blog are by me, except where noted otherwise. Many thanks to those who contributed their photos.

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