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Letter of Support for the Retention and Preservation of Kresge College at UCSC

by SAH Heritage Conservation Committee | Jan 23, 2017
Letter to Mr. George R. Blumenthal, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of California Santa Cruz (23 January 2017) - Read Letter

Charles Moore’s Kresge College was constructed between 1972 and 1974 on the densely wooded UCSC campus. It is an “L”-shaped campus of two story buildings along a pedestrian street, designed to be a non-institutional residential campus to house 650 students. Moore’s vision was a striking departure from traditional campus planning, and remains a significant landmark in the history of campus design. We understand that UCSC faces significant pressure to add student housing to this campus, and acknowledge that budgetary restraints faced during construction forced compromises in the selection of building materials.

SAH Position:
We are concerned, however, that attempts to address the housing mandate will result in the loss of character-defining features and spaces throughout Kresge College, and that this significant architectural composition may be compromised as a result. We believe that Moore’s design for Kresge College is of international significance, and inappropriate alteration would be a tragic loss. We strongly recommend the retention and preservation of Kresge College.

The issue is still working its way through the University of California, Santa Cruz, planning and procurement process.

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