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SAH 2015 Annual Conference

April 15-19, 2015
Chicago, IL | #SAH2015

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March 27, 2015

Study Tour Fellowship
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Architectures in the Rio de la
Plata Basin: Between Tradition
and Cosmopolitanism

September 1-12, 2015

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The Medieval City and the Pilgrimage City: Gondar and Lalibela

Jan 5, 2015

By Brooks Travelling Fellow Amber N. Wiley

Library of Yohannes I in the foreground, Chancellery of Yohannes I in the background. Fasil Ghebbi complex.

I looked at the date on Fasilides Castle—1667—and thought to myself “Wow, this is incredible! If only I had known… I would have taught my history class in a completely different way.” The date was important for two versions of a class I taught. The first version was entitled “History of Architecture: Renaissance and Baroque.” The second version was ambiguously titled “History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism II.” In both versions of the course the historical trajectory had found its way to England via Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren by 1666. 

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  • Shift: Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture, Issue 8

    Dates: 01 – 01 Mar, 2015
    This special issue of Shift explores the interrelationships of space, alterity/identity and memory in visual and material culture. We accept papers, as well as exhibition and book reviews from a range of visually-oriented disciplines that explore such issues as: The status of the public monument or assembly Ephemeral, archival and other non-monumental forms of public memorialization The fate of established art historical categories such as site-specificity or monumentality The figure of the migrant in visual culture/the relationship between art, migration and urban space The contestation and occupation of public and private space The architectural construction of race The city versus the nation as art historical or museological framework
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  • Extended Deadline (March 2, 2015) Hillwood's Scholar-in-Residence Program, Washington

    Dates: 29 Jan – 02 Mar, 2015
    Extended Deadline (March 2, 2015) Hillwood's Scholar-in-Residence Program, Washington
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  • TEMPLA Summer School BARCELONA

    Barcelona | Dates: 30 Jan – 25 May, 2015
    TEMPLA invites international researchers into medieval art history and related disciplines to debate the concept and expression of “dynamic episcopal and canonical commemoration” which occurred in European episcopal sees during the medieval period. The concept of commemoration goes beyond the funerary to include all those works, activities and uses of space that transmit through time a record of bishops and canons, their institutions, and important lay people. These commemorative works, however, were grafted onto a common setting that was in use over a long period of time. Thus, each cathedral setting witnessed the emergence of different dynamics in terms of the interactions and intersections between individual and/or collective memory.
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