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Amber Wiley's visit to Antigua 


By Brooks Fellow Amber N. Wiley

cemetery views

Landscape of loss. German Guatemalans. Sensational cemetery. Underwater wonderland.

When I laid my head down in my Quetzaltenango hostel I had to laugh. I was lying down in a location I did not know existed just a month prior. This city was not on my itinerary, not even on my radar. I ended up in Quetzaltenango, called “Xela,” by residents, thanks to Lonely Planet and some tourist shuttle agency fliers.

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  • Over There: World War I Overseas Cemeteries and Memorials of the American Battle Monuments Commission

    Washington | Dates: 11 Nov, 2014
    A Lecture by Lisa Pfueller Davidson, PhD
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  • Architecture and the Arts from 1945-1968: Comparisons and Intertexts

    Rome | Dates: 29 – 31 Oct, 2014
    This scholarly conference, convened by Bruno Reichlin and Letizia Tedeschi, seeks to illuminate the complexity inherent to the notion of the “synthesis of the arts,” which emerged in the years 1945-1968 in Europe and America. This two and a half day conference will define its specific characteristics and theoretical moorings, and trace similarities and differences compared with analogous situations in the past. Soon after World War II, architects, artists and visual operators active in many different art forms, together with influential critics began to promote a new form of collaboration that affected their work on the level of programs, practices, contents, artistic languages, materials, production strategies, potential synergies and much else. Despite certain critical problems, the term that more than any other most clearly expresses this period, when viewed from this standpoint, is “synthesis of the arts,” sometimes equated with the rebirth in other forms of the “Gesamtkunstwerk” which had ushered in the art of the twentieth century. Speakers include: Yves-Alain Bois, Jean-Louis Cohen, Dietrich Neumann and Giorgio Ciucci.
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  • American Academy in Rome 2015 Rome Prize Fellowship

    Dates: 01 Nov, 2014
    Each year, the Rome Prize is awarded to about thirty emerging artists and scholars who represent the highest standard of excellence and who are in the early or middle stages of their working lives. The deadline for the nation-wide Rome Prize competition is 1 November 2014. Applications will also be accepted between 2-15 November 2014 for an additional fee.
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