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2013 Brooks Fellow
Amber Wiley visits the Yucatán

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By Amber N. Wiley

Mayan heritage in the Yucatán Peninsula is a living heritage. Mayan languages are living languages. It is because of this that I have titled this month’s blog post, “In the Yucatán, Land of Kukulkan.” Kukulkan is the Mayan feathered-serpent god, an equivalent to the Aztecs’ Quetzalcoatl. It is Kukulkan who is said to descend the stairs at Chichén Itzá on the spring and autumn equinoxes. In many ways, ancient and living Mayan cultures are omnipresent in the everyday aspects of life on the peninsula. 


  • The Art of the Landscape and the Architect Presented by Michael G. Imber, FAIA

    Chicago | Dates: 11 Sep, 2014
    This talk will explore the relationship between landscape and culture through painting. Landscape painting has always represented much more than the literal depiction of a place. Painting embodies both cultural and personal memories that are important to understand the meaning and spirit of a landscape to its people; these include historical, socio-economical, political and even religious views. Architects have traditionally used drawing and painting to increase their understanding of culture and place. Likewise, by adopting these time-honored practices, architects today can create more informed, sustainable, meaningful and lasting architecture.
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  • NeoCon East

    Baltimore | Dates: 29 – 30 Oct, 2014
    Now in its 12th year, NeoCon East, the East Coast’s premier design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, will once again make its mark on Baltimore, October 29 – 30, at the Baltimore Convention Center.
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  • Dutch Design Week 2014

    Eindhoven | Dates: 18 – 26 Oct, 2014
    During the 13th edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, you can see with your own eyes how the world of tomorrow is already in the making today. Smart solutions and inventive design offer new promising perspectives. From October 18 through October 26, the doors to the future open up in a city that buzzes with inspiration and creative energy for nine full days.
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