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By H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow Amber N. Wiley

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day.

Since I am addressing a forum of intellectuals with a keen interest in history and culture, many of you might already know this fact. I might have heard it a time or two in life, only to forget, and then be reminded again in Mexico City. I am not ashamed to admit that. Why is this tidbit of information important to the history of architecture and urbanism in Mexico City, you ask? It has everything to do with memory of place, transnational dialogues, regional differences, and most immediately, place names.


  • Lecture by Bruce G. Moffat

    Chicago | Dates: 02 Sep, 2014
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  • A Mediterranean time of Islamic artrchitecture and urbanization of Afriqye in Medival

    Dates: 26 Dec, 2014 – 26 Dec, 2015
    title: A Mediterranean time of Islamic architecture and urbanization of Afriqye in Medieval This evolutionary of architecture movement in Afriqya reached to its aim in the Hafsids period and Hafsids’s art linked art of Islamic east and west. Transferring traditional capital city of Afriqya from Qyrarvan to Tunisia, Hafsids began a new period of Islamic urbanization, construction and architecture, and showed nine centuries experiences of Islamic architecture. Compiling first statute book for urbanization and urban ism, by a jurisprudence architect, Ibn al-Rami, is a result of successful evolution in Islamic architecture and urbanization and successful capital city selection by Muslims. Hafsids added new elements to the Islamic architecture, after Tunisian couple, Hafsid Taj is one of special signs of the Islamic architecture in Afriqya. Kasaba mosque in Tunisia have presented several centuries of Islamic architecture traditions in Afriqya. This project has answered to these questions: Are the Islamic architecture evolutions and eloquence in Afriqya, noble creativity from Aghlabids to Hafsids? Or have them affected artistically by analogy and ancient traditions of Afriqya and Tunisia? How much does every state of Afriqya share in presentation and evolution of Islamic cities and architecture?!
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  • Kandinsky: A Retrospective

    Nashville | Dates: 26 Sep, 2014 – 04 Jan, 2015
    The Frist Center for the Visual Arts presents Kandinsky: A Retrospective, an exhibition celebrating a lifetime of work by Wassily Kandinsky (1866–1944) in the Center’s Ingram Gallery from September 26, 2014–January 4, 2015. Chronicling four decades of artistic evolution—from early figurative works to exuberant experiments in abstraction and color—this exhibition invites visitors on an extraordinary stylistic journey of one of the most innovative modern art masters of the twentieth century.
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