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Conference Hosts Needed to Serve as Ambassadors to New Attendees

by Zeynep Kezer | Mar 12, 2015

As you may remember, last year we piloted a new program at the SAH Annual Conference, pairing more experienced SAH members with newcomers. The idea was to mitigate the challenge of socializing when one attends a conference for the first time and knows nobody. This is especially important now that SAH is expanding its horizon globally with the arrival of the first SAH International Travel Grant recipients, whose trip is supported with a generous grant from the Getty Foundation.

There is clearly a need for such a program as a much higher number of new attendees have already signed up requesting to be paired with an experienced host. Quite a few loyal members have agreed to be volunteer some of their time, but—as one of the organizers of this project—I would like to reduce the ratio of guests/hosts and expand the breadth of the network, if possible.

The duties are light, but they make a difference: As a host you would make yourself available at the opening reception or when you arrive to the conference, meet and greet the newcomers and introduce them to your friends and colleagues so then they can feel they have a few familiar faces and won't feel isolated. During the conference, a few newcomers might approach you with ad hoc quick questions, so you can help them get oriented. Hosts will be wearing badges that will make them identifiable. 

If you are coming and are already registered, and would like to give us a hand and show the hospitality known at SAH, please contact Beth Eifrig, assistant director of programs at SAH, at to add your name to the list. If you have not yet registered for the conference, please mark the box to be a host found on the registration form.

Thanks in advance for your generosity. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. 

Zeynep Kezer
SAH Conference Host Coordinator


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