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At the Society of Architectural Historians’ Annual Conference in April, I announced the formation of our Committee of 300, a group that will support and enhance something dear to us—the vitality and future of SAH. The size of this group has been carefully chosen. A donation of $300 each by 300 members of the Committee will raise sufficient funds to launch our capacity building initiative.

In recent years, SAH has emerged as a leader in the innovative use of digital technologies and will continue to pursue cutting-edge technologies to support our members and advance the field: exploring opportunities for scholars in a radically changing, challenging, professional environment; forging new, mutually beneficial collaborations with national and international organizations; and sharing our scholarship with diverse professional communities and public audiences.

To support these efforts, SAH must build its capacity to garner new sources of revenue, and to that purpose, plans to hire a full-time director of development—ensuring that in the next crucial years, SAH builds a strong base of support from private individuals, institutional donors, and earned revenue. 

In 2015, SAH will celebrate its 75th anniversary celebration at the Annual Conference in its home city of Chicago. With your support, we will celebrate the occasion with an organization equipped with critically needed additional staff and resources to lead SAH in the 21st century.


Abigail Van Slyck,
SAH President

The SAH Committee of 300

Nicholas Adams in honor of
John Coolidge
Jacob Albert
Lee Altmayer
Louise Ambler
Christy Anderson
Marvin Anderson
Christopher D. Armstrong
Mardges Bacon
in memory of Richard Pommer
Hilary Ballon
Peter Becker
Thomas Beischer
Ramla Benaissa
Barry Bergdoll
John Blew
Daniel Bluestone
Louis Blumengarten
T. William Booth
Mark Brack
Kenneth Breisch
David Brownlee
Wanda Bubriski
Vincent Buonanno
Sara A. Butler
Cammy Brothers
Swati Chattopadhyay
Chicago Chapter SAH
Donald Choi
Meredith L. Clausen
Jean-Louis Cohen
Stuart Cohen
Columbia University
Dept. of Art History and Archaeology
Joe Connors
Robert Craig
James Cramer
Sheila R. Crane
David W. Dangremond
Howard Davis
Jamie Devol
Andrew Dolkart
Kathryn B. Eckert
Jesús Escobar
Diane Favro
Gail Fenske
Frances Fergusson
Peter Fergusson
Cynthia Field
David Fixler
Carol Flores, in memory of
Dr. Jessie Poesch
Sheila Ffolliott
Stephen Fox
Jean France
Rod Freebairn-Smith
Belmont Freeman
Alice Friedman,
in honor of Lena Sorensen
Michael Gibson
R. Scott Gill
Valerian Ginter
Paul Goldberger
George and Naomi Gorse
Isabelle J. Gournay
Jan Grayson
Carol Grove
Dale A. Gyure
Dorthy M. Habel
Elaine Harrington
Kevin Harrington
Brent Harris
Dianne Harris
  Richard Hayes
Marlene Heck
Alison Hoagland 
Andrew Hopkins
Sandy Isenstadt
James and Catherine Haveman
Family Foundation
Virginia Jansen
Mark Jarzombek

James Jewell
Darko Kahle
Francis R. Kowsky
William Kriebel
Marjorie Kriebel
Janet Kreger
Henry Kuehn
Phyllis Lambert
Barbara Lane
Aric Lasher
Latrobe Chapter SAH
Michael Lewis in honor of
William H. Pierson
Emily Little
William Littmann
Christopher Long
Richard Longstreth
Carl Lounsbury
Duanfang Lu
Kristina Luce
Jonathan & Linda Lyons
Christine Macy
Tod Marder
John Martine
Abby McGehee
Martha J. McNamara
Christopher Mead
Maureen Meister
Eileen Michels
Gerald Moorhead
Keith Morgan
Tamara Morgenstern
Adnan Morshed
Patricia A. Morton
Fraser Muirhead
Robert Nauman
Louis P. Nelson
Dietrich Neumann
Deborah Nevins
Richard & Karen Nicholson
John Notz
Therese O'Malley
Kathryn E. O'Rourke
Ken Oshima
C. Ford Peatross
Margaret Pendry
Peter Pennoyer
Seymour Persky
John Pinto, In Memory of
Dr. Jessie Poesch
Vikramaditya Prakash
Virginia C. Raguin
Gretchen Redden
Robert Rettig
Jonathan Reynolds
Charles Robertson
Barbara Robinson
Elizabeth Rogers
Abby Rumsey
William S. Ryall
Michelangelo Sabatino
Avigail Sachs
  The SAHARA Executive Committee
Jackie Spafford
Jeff Cohen
Jolene de Verges
Sandy Eisenstadt
Jeff Klee
Ann Whiteside
Pauline Saliga
Lisa Schrenk
Susan Schwartz
Morrell Shoemaker
William Singer, AIA, LEED, AP
Preservation Design Partnership
LLC, George C. Skarmeas, Ph.D., AIA
Melvyn Skvarla
David Smiley
Katherine Solomonson
Ward Stanley
Nancy Stieber
Damie Stillman
Despina Stratigakos
Helen Tangires
Sandra Tatman
University of Michigan, History/Theory of Architecture
Lydia M. Soo
Jonathan Puff
Amy C. Kulper
Maria C. Taylor
Lori Smithey
Elizabeth Keslacy
Michael P. McCulloch
Marie-Josee Therrien
Stanley Tigerman
Franklin Toker
Michael A. Tomlan in honor of
Ozzie Overby
Paul Turner
Dell Upton
Abigail Van Slyck
Anthony Vidler
Diana S. Waite/Mount Ida Press
Ben Weese, in honor of Eduard Sekler
Cynthia Weese
Ellen Weiss
Amy S. Weisser
Karen Weitze
Volker Welter
Jeremy White
Carol Willis
Peter and Jenny Willis
Robert Winter
Wim de Wit
Edward Wolner
Gwendolyn Wright
Carla Yanni
Victoria Young
Caroline Zaleski

Fellowship Programs


Ongoing Support

Annual Conference Fellowships

Each year SAH awards between twenty and thirty fellowships to enable speakers who are presenting papers to attend the Society's annual conference.  

Study Tour Fellowships

The Society awards a single fellowship to a scholar who is a current full-time MA or PhD student or an emerging professional for each domestic and international study tour. The fellowship covers the single occupancy price of the tour package. 

Research Fellowships

SAH partners with the National Park Service's Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) to offer a research fellowship to further study a specific nationally-significant building/site, or a broader architectural history topic that will inform future HABS documentation.  

In a joint program with the Atheneuam of Philadelphia, SAH offers a graduate student a fellowship to research some aspect of American architecture prior to 1860 that will be used in a forthcoming volume of the Buildings of the United States series.

SAH Archipedia

Created in partnership with the University of Virginia Press, SAH Archipedia is an interactive, media-rich online encyclopedia of American architecture.   

Buildings of the United States

A series of richly illustrated guidebooks to the architecture of the United States. Published University of Virginia Press. 

Charnley-Persky House Restoration and Stewardship

SAH is working with architect John Eifler to develop a sustainable restoration plan to for that addresses the immediate and long-term maintenance needs and usage of the Charnley-Persky House.

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The success of SAH is dependent upon our membership. Join now.

Annual Appeal

Join the president in supporting the ongoing mission of SAH. 

Leave a Legacy

The SAH Legacy Circle is a group of people who have made promised estate gifts to the Society. Contact SAH Executive Director Pauline Saliga about estate planning.