SAH Award Programs

Recognizing excellence in the field of architectural history

The SAH Awards for Architectural Excellence represent a unique coming together of architectural practice and academic study, honoring the contributions of individual projects to our built environment.

The Board of Directors name as Fellows of the Society of Architectural Historians individuals who have distinguished themselves by a lifetime of significant contributions to the field. These contributions may include scholarship, service to SAH, or stewardship of the built environment. 

The SAH Publication Awards honor the most distinguished publications in architectural history, urban history, landscape history, preservation, and architectural exhibition catalogs that have been published in the previous two years. SAH also presents the Founders' Award for the best JSAH article written by an emerging scholar in the previous two years.

The SAH Award for Film and Video was established in 2013 to recognize annually the most distinguished work of film or video on the history of the built environment.