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By Michelle Millar Fisher

Shortly before his death in August 1965, Le Corbusier began to collate two decades of his writings, which resulted in
Mise au point (1966). The architect outlines what Charles Jencks later characterized as the “tragic view” of his career, lamenting a life devoted to the study of housing that was, in Le Corbusier’s eyes, underappreciated by the French government and the wider public. Shunned in the postwar rebuilding of Paris, Le Corbusier only ever partially achieved his Radiant City in the form of the controversial Unité d’Habitation housing block at Marseilles (1947-52).


  • Jeff Carter: The Common Citizenship of Forms

    Chicago | Dates: 10 Jul – 31 Aug, 2014
    Using ready-to-assemble components from the global home-furnishings store Ikea, Jeff Carter repurposes them into architectural models that are simultaneously familiar and a bit off-kilter. His constructions explore the formal vocabulary of Bauhaus architecture while also considering the dilemma of modern material culture: can mass-produced consumer goods be “good” design? Which is more socially useful: inexpensive products to buy or artisanal production and jobs?
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  • Song in Stone: The Construction of Madonna della Strada Chapel

    Chicago | Dates: 19 Jul – 19 Oct, 2014
    This exhibition tells the story of Loyola’s iconic building on Sheridan Road.
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  • LA Forum Presents: shoptalk with RAC Design Build

    Los Angeles | Dates: 07 Aug, 2014
    This year’s “On the Map” series turns a spotlight not on the end products of finished buildings, but on the processes by which design is achieved. The shoptalk events invite designers to reveal the methods of their architectural making and building, spanning a continuum from the high-tech digital on one end, to the analog and hand-crafted on the other. Exposing this range of activities, shoptalk invites you to tour the facilities where the magic happens and engage in the discussion about what it is that architects do.
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