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Opportunity Type: Conferences
Title: 3rd International Iconic Houses Conference
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Summary: The Iconic Houses Network and La Pedrera proudly announce the 3rd International Iconic Houses Conference taking place 25 November 2014 at La Pedrera in Barcelona Spain, with pre-conference house tours from November 22nd – 24th. The Iconic Houses Conference 2014 focuses on architecturally significant 20th century house museums around the Mediterranean.
Start Date: November 25, 2014
End Date/Deadline:
Opportunity Type: Calls for Papers / Sessions
Title: CFP: Street & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal
State: Please select a State
Country: Portugal
Summary: Call for articles for the first issue of the "Street & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal" under the thematic line of "Methodologies of Research"
Start Date: November 25, 2014
End Date/Deadline: February 01, 2015
Opportunity Type: Conferences
Title: Sleep 2014: The Hotel Design Event
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Summary: Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for the hotel design, development and architectural community.
Start Date: November 26, 2014
End Date/Deadline: November 27, 2014
Opportunity Type: Conferences
Title: Re-scaling the Environment: New Landscapes of Design, 1960-1980
City: Zurich
State: Please select a State
Country: Switzerland
Summary: The years between 1960 and 1980 were a period of a hitherto unknown scale of building production both in East and West Europe. The rhetoric of "great numbers", "no-stop city" or "megastructure" reveal the advent of new dimensions in architectural thinking. The shift from objects to processes, systems and networks went hand in hand with rapid modernization and gave rise of technocratic concepts and utopian ideals. Economic recession and social upheavals fueled a crisis-consciousness from 1968 on, leading to a widespread criticism of modernization and modern architecture which can be seen as a counter-current to the temptations on bigness.
Start Date: November 29, 2014
End Date/Deadline: November 30, 2014