Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships in SAH are for libraries at community colleges, colleges, universities, museums, high schools, schools of architecture, architectural history departments, and other large institutions that will make JSAH and/or JSAH online available to a community of many institutional readers. In addition to receiving JSAH, institutional members of SAH also will receive the monthly SAH Newsletter, and reduced registration rates for library staff attending the SAH Annual Conference.

The University of California Press is now handling Institutional Memberships/Subscriptions on SAH's behalf.

Visit University of California Press to join or renew your membership online.

Institutional Membership Pricing:

Electronic Only  $468 
Print & Electronic - Domestic 
Print & Electronic - International 
Sustaining - Domestic 
Sustaining - International

Sustaining members receive electronic access to the journal and two print copies. Institutional members interested in becoming Sustaining Members can contact SAH Membership Director Anne Bird at for details.