SAH 2016 Annual International Conference

SAH 2016 Annual International Conference

Request for Meeting Rooms

SAH 2016 Annual International Conference, April 6-10
Pasadena/Los Angeles, California
Conference Chair: Ken Tadashi Oshima, University of Washington

SAH is accepting formal proposals for additional programming for the SAH 2016 Annual International Conference to be held in Pasadena/Los Angeles, April 6–10. This is a new process designed to ensure that proposals are received in a timely manner and selected programs are incorporated into the conference schedule before it is announced.
SAH is accepting proposals for:

  • Roundtable discussions
  • Meetings (chapter meetings, partner organization meetings, SAH committee meetings, etc.)
  • Informational presentations (grant offerings, resources, how-to, workshops)
These programs will be offered:
Thursday or Friday during the mid-day break from 1:30–2:30 p.m. OR Thursday or Friday between 9 a.m.–1 p.m. or 3–5 p.m. in 60- or 90-minute increments
Submit your proposal via this link for review between now and August 14, 2015. It is recommended that you not wait until the last day; you will have a better chance if the committee is able to review your request in a timely manner.
SAH continues to expand the discussions and conversations taking place at the SAH conference. We look forward to reviewing your proposal and determining if it will be a good fit. This process will allow selected proposals to be incorporated into the conference schedule in a timely manner and promoted properly. All will need to apply to be considered; this includes the meetings, roundtable discussions, and informational programs traditionally held at the conference.
Please do not submit paper proposals as these will not be accepted.
If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Sturm at

Key Dates

July 20-30, 2015  Session chairs notify all persons submitting abstracts of the acceptance or rejection of their proposals 
Aug 1, 2015  Annual conference fellowships open 
Aug 3, 2015  Speaker and session chair registration opens
Aug 14, 2015  Deadline to submit proposals for roundtables and meetings 
Aug 31, 2015  Deadline for speaker and session chair registration (non-refundable) 
Sept 8, 2015  Deadline for conference fellowship applications 
Jan 5, 2016  Early registration opens
Jan 8, 2016  Speakers submit complete drafts of papers to session chairs 
Feb 5, 2016  Session chairs return papers with comments to speakers 
Feb 16, 2016  Early Registration ends 
March 2, 2016  Speakers complete any revisions and distribute copies of their paper to the session chair and the other session speakers 
March 22  Online registration closes 
Board of Directors    

Kenneth Breisch
University of Southern California
1st Vice President
Ken Tadashi Oshima
University of Washington
2nd Vice President
Sandy Isenstadt
University of Delaware  

Gail Fenske
Roger Williams University  
Michael J. Gibson
Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi, Gibson & Grave, LLP
Executive Director
Pauline Saliga


Christopher Drew Armstrong
University of Pittsburgh

Maristella Casciato
Canadian Centre for Architecture

Luis M. Castañeda
Syracuse University

R. Scott Gill
University of Texas at Austin
Dale A. Gyure
Lawrence Technological University

Richard L. Hayes
Alexandria, VA

Greg Hise
University of Nevada  

Timothy Hyde
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aric Lasher
HBRA Architects

Martha J. McNamara
Wellesley College

Jorge Otero-Pailos
Columbia University 

Abby Smith Rumsey

Michelangelo Sabatino 
Illinois Institute of Technology

Cynthia Weese  
Weese Langley Weese Architects Ltd. 
Bryan Clark Green
Commonwealth Architects

Karen Kingsley
Tulane University School of Architecture

Jeffrey Klee
Colonial Williamsburg 

Patricia Morton
University of California, Riverside

Jacqueline Spafford
UC Santa Barbara

Victoria Young
University of St. Thomas
SAH thanks The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation for its operating support.
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