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2014 George Matsumoto Prize for North Carolina Modernist Residential Design

The George Matsumoto Prize for North Carolina Modernist residential architecture is a unique design competition featuring $6,000 in awards, a blue-ribbon jury of internationally known architects and designers, and online public voting.  

NCMH created the Matsumoto Prize in 2012 honor of George Matsumoto,  one of the founding faculty members of North Carolina State University's School of Design who created some of North Carolina's most well-known and well-loved Modernist houses.  

The Matsumoto Prize encourages young architects and prospective clients to continue the Modernist movement in houses so important to North Carolina's artistic leadership.

Most people don't realize, or even suspect, that North Carolina has the third largest concentration of Modernist houses in America.  Yet, thanks to Henry Kamphoefner and the establishment of the NCSU School of Design in 1948,  we do. 

The Matsumoto Prize promotes new talent and provides motivating honors and incentives for a new generation of architects.  It also contributes to wider public recognition of Modernism in all its forms (architecture, art, furniture, and fashion) and recognizes the significant economic and aesthetic impact of Modernism across North Carolina.  

The Matsumoto Prize is the only juried architecture competition in North Carolina that focuses on Modernist houses, provides financial awards, involves a national jury plus public voting, and connects to a major architectural archive.  It meaningfully and powerfully engage the public with the architecture they love and showcases exceptional Modernist architects and designers in North Carolina.

2014 Matsumoto Prize Rules, Terms, and Conditions

1.  The Matsumoto Prize is open to anyone with primary design responsibility for a completely built, from-the-ground-up, single-family Modernist house of at least 800 heated sf with a CO on or after January 1, 2008.  The house must be in North Carolina; the designer(s) can be from anywhere.  Renovations, additions, multi-family, or any house that won a Matsumoto Prize Jury or People's Choice award in the past are ineligible. 

2.  There are no educational or licensure requirements for submission.  Your design stands for itself.  if you wish, you may submit more than one house.   If you have a disagreement with another person or firm concerning credit for a house design, get it worked out before submission and/or consider submitting jointly. 

3.  Jury Awards:  $3,000 first place, $2,000 second place, $1,000 third place, plus a nice trophy for each.  The jury will choose one house per cash Prize honor. There will be no ties. A designer and/or their firm can win only one of the cash Prize honors.  The jury will give feedback on the winning submissions.  None of the jury or their firms will submit for the Prize.  There will be three People's Choice awards which come with a certificate. 

4.  Contacting any of the jury is strictly prohibited; however, submitters are actively encouraged to publicize their participation in the Matsumoto Prize through any digital means, including asking clients, prospects, and the public to vote.

5.  Public voting is limited to one vote per e-mail address.  Addresses that are or appear to be machine-generated or fraudulent will not be counted.  However, if people want to vote more than once, say from a home email and a work email, that's fine.  NCMH's decisions on vote eligibility are final.  Vote counts will not be released; only the results of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

6.  This is a transparent competition which means you may not submit anonymous houses.  All submitted information, images, and video will be available to the public and will be part of the NCMH 4100+ house digital archive in perpetuity.  

7.  NCMH reserves the exclusive right to accept, edit, or reject any information, image, video, or other submission component for accuracy, appropriateness, style, size, or length; or for compliance with these rules, terms and conditions.  In the event a submission is rejected, that submission's fees will be refunded.  

8.   Enjoy browsing, but unless otherwise noted, all these houses are private property and closed to the public -- so don't go tromping around uninvited. 

2014 Submission Requirements.  Deadline Sunday, June 8, 2014, 5pm EST

Part One. 
 Please send ONE e-mail titled "Matsumoto Submission - Your Name" with the following information

1.  The working name of the house, the homeowners name(s), house address, architect/designer name(s) and phone number(s), and the builder. 
2.  A statement certifying that "the submitter has: 
a)  secured rights to use any submitted images, video, or audio; 
b)  secured permission from the house owners to enter this competition; and 
c)  agrees without exception to all the rules, terms, and conditions listed at"  
3.  Please attach a headshot JPG or PNG of the person primarily responsible for the house design.
4.  Please attach a PDF of the Certificate of Occupancy from the appropriate county verifying the house's completion on or after 1/1/2008.