Events And Opportunities

EcoDistricts Summit

Ecodistricts are creating sustainable cities from the neighborhood up, and Washington, DC—a case study in inventive collaboration—has captured that spirit like few others.

At this year’s Summit, we’ll explore all ecodistricts from every angle and dig deep into the public-private-civic partnerships that are laying the groundwork for the neighborhoods of the future: resilient, vibrant, resource-efficient, and just.

Ecodistricts are emerging in cities worldwide, so the Summit will feature information-rich education sessions, keynotes, and workshops designed to share field reports and test emerging best practices from North America and beyond. Participants will get an insider’s look at the projects (and players) behind the world’s most livable cities. Of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities for thoughtful networking and informal conversations.

2014 Summit participants will come away with a clear sense of the state of the movement, a new community of fellow practitioners, and the inspiration to go back to their own communities and start making change from the neighborhood up.