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Arts Letters and Numbers Workshop III – Circling Toward a Disciplinary Chora

This summer at our old cotton mill in upstate New York, Arts Letters and Numbers is inviting artists, architects, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and any other person driven in a creative pursuit to come together and build something utterly unique… and transformative.  We’ll build with wood, concrete, and steel, and then we’ll build with mud, dust, rhythm, and light.  We’ll build with language, food, and ultimately, empathy.

Arts Letters and Numbers has grown from the upbringing of our director, David Gersten, in Albany’s custom truck building industry, and later his experience studying and teaching architecture under John Hejduk at Cooper Union, as well as the work of Antonin Artaud in the experimental theatre.

Our mission boils down to one question – how do you build a school?
Do you build it earth, wood, and steel?
pencils, ink, and paper?
hands, drums, and feet?
desks, podiums, and poetry?
cameras, projectors, and doubled reflections?

We think it begins with all of them, collapsed together in one space.

“Today, education in the broadest sense holds the capacity of developing new pathways of interaction and forms of knowledge that address the challenges of our increasingly complex world. Arts Letters & Numbers is a space to understand, withstand and ultimately create transformation that embodies our best hopes and aspirations. Like many complex systems such as language or molecular structures, disciplines are polymorphic; they transform relationally, taking on different structures, forms and organizations depending on their disciplinary environment. Knowledge evolves; creating situations of proximity and interaction among a great diversity of forms of knowledge gives rise to mutual transformation, builds new linkages, new thought processes, new questions and new works.”

We will build, draw, dance, write, eat, swim, move, and be moved.

Come join us.