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What makes a neighborhood? How do you gain a deeper understanding of a place?

You hang out! That’s what documentary filmmaker Diego Echeverria did when he made Los Sures in 1984. Echeverria chronicled the streets of Williamsburg’s Southside meeting people, being seen, building trust, and hanging out in a neighborhood that was then called one of the worst ghettos in the U.S..UnionDocs, a Center for Documentary Art has also been hanging out on the Southside for many years. By obsessively exploring every aspect of Los Sures and documenting the longstanding Latino community as they fight displacement, UnionDocs has produced a multi-faceted project of their own,Living Los Sures.

Using the 1984 film and this impressive body of new work as points of departure, we have organized a roaming celebration of local experiences across the barrio of Los Sures. Come immerse yourself in street life then and now.

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