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Making/Writing/Teaching Contested Histories

Architects often situate their practice in relationship to a set of canonical objects, determined by historical narratives produced in academia. Yet, at a time when systemic racism is rising and societal rights are eroding, it is important to re-evaluate which objects make this set, and the narratives we write around them. Our panel will problematize and reframe historical narratives as the product of agonistic interactions, conflicts, and contestation at large. The discussion will foreground issues of class, race, and gender, interrogating how they partake in the production of the built environment.

We have assembled a panel of scholars and practitioners whose work aligns with FAAC’s research and teaching on reformulating the history of art and architecture survey with an intersectional feminist approach. What kinds of strategies are historians, practitioners, and curators deploying to make and write these new histories? What challenges and pitfalls beset those who do this work? What structures are needed to do this work and how can we push our institutions to support challenges to their habitual canons? We have invited these scholars and practitioners to discuss their practices and the way in which they produce new histories of art and architecture. The conversation will be moderated by FAAC.

“Making/Writing/Teaching Contested Histories” is a program partner to the Chicago Architecture Biennial.
SAH thanks The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation for its operating support.
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