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Participating in the SAH Listserv is a benefit of SAH membership. The listserv facilitates discussion and help build community among the Society's members, as well as to act as a venue for general announcements about news and events of general interest to members of SAH. Emails sent to the listserv are immediately distributed to all participants, enabling real-time conversations. Attachments are also welcome, though they must be no larger than 200K.

Managing your SAH Listserv Account

To be added to the SAH Listserv, email

To be removed from the SAH Listserv, email

Send messages to the list at

To manage your Listserv account, go to the following website and create a password account using the email address you have on file at SAH:

Alternatively, you may send an email command to direct the Listserv software to perform a function. Send the command to, and type the desired code into the subject line.

Common command codes include:

Simplify acknowledgement of messages sent SET SAHLISTSERV ACK NOREPRO
Turn off acknowledgements SET SAH NOACK NOREPRO
Information about subscription options QUERY SAHLISTSERV
Request list of archive files INDEX SAHLISTSERV
Order specific files GET SAHLISTSERV LOGxx 
(fill in data you receive from INDEX SAHLISTSERV for xx)
Digest version of the postings SET SAHLISTSERV DIGEST


Questions about the SAH Listserv's technical operations go to the SAH Listserv Moderator Nathaniel Walker, at

Questions about your SAH membership and access to the Listserv go to SAH Membership Director Anne Bird, at


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