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Itohan Osayimwese Awarded 2020 Schelling Architecture Award for Architectural Theory

by Brown University | Sep 08, 2020

Itohan Osayimwese has received the 2020 Schelling Architecture Award for Architectural Theory, an award granted once every two years from the Schelling Architecture Foundation. In keeping with the motto “Fostering the seminally significant, spreading substantiated knowledge” the award recognizes future-oriented developments in architecture as well as incisive accomplishments in architectural theory. An international jury comprised of 7 individuals convened in order to select a winner. The awards have a total endowment of 30,000 euros. The prize was unanimously awarded to Itohan Osayimwese. Previous theory prize winners include: Keller Easterling, 2018; Doug Saunders, 2016; Juhani Pallasmaa, 2014; Kenneth Frampton, 2012; and Jean-Louis Cohen, 2010.

Read more about the Schelling Architecture Foundation here.

Itohan Osayimwese joined SAH in 2006. She has served as an SAH Annual International Conference session chair, received a Membership Grant for Emerging Professionals in 2009, and served as a local co-chair of the SAH 2019 Annual International Conference in Providence, RI. She is currently serving on the SAH Board of Directors as the interim secretary.


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