Being a long-time member of the SAH has been rewarding in many ways. Moving from being a student presenter at an SAH conference, to serving ultimately as President was a wonderful journey. Beyond the academic connections, stimulating publications, energizing conferences, and enduring friendships, the Society has inspired me with a sense of community—I am pleased to help pull together!

Diane Favro, FSAH, Past President

We call it The Pull Together Campaign.

And we hope you will join us. 

The Society of Architectural Historians needs our help.  Recent events—especially the pandemic and its ripple effects in every sector—have put a financial strain on the Society.  In the past few months, SAH Fellows and Past Officers have pulled together to address the situation. Collectively, we have donated just over $34,000 in unrestricted funds, which is money the Society can use to fund its day-to-day operations.

We write now to ask you to join us, by pulling together to raise an additional $34,000. If everyone gives what they can, that goal is easily attainable and all of us will have done our part to support the Society as it adapts in creative ways to our rapidly changing world. Our aim is to reach the 50% mark by the time we meet in Albuquerque in April. 

Please join this all-important effort by donating today.  It will only take a moment or two to make a huge difference to SAH. We welcome donations of any size as every contribution helps SAH fulfill its mission!

SAH is truly a unique institution in the way it brings together academics and deeply interested lay people, such as myself. I have had a life-long interest in architectural history and SAH provides me the opportunity to explore much more fully the areas of architectural history that have always intrigued me. This process has been enriched by dealing with people with similar interests and developing solid, long-term friendships.  

Henry Kuehn, FSAH, Past Treasurer

What’s your reason? Come join us as we Pull Together!

Jacob D. Albert
Louise T. Ambler
Anonymous (2)
Anonymous (In Memory)
Dijana O. Apostolski
Mardges Bacon
Shiben Banerji
Steven M. Bedford
Barry Bergdoll*
Edward R. Bosley
David M. Breiner
Kenneth A. Breisch*
Helen H. Bronston
Caroline Bruzelius
Wanda Bubriski
James Buckley*
Maristella Casciato*
Swati Chattopadhyay*
Amanda R. Clark
Meredith Clausen*
James Dart
Wim de Wit & Nancy J. Troy
Francesco P. Di Teodoro (In Memory of Alessio Monciatti)
Dennis Doordan
Gabrielle Esperdy
Catherine Ettinger
Diane Favro & Fikret Yegul*
Gail Fenske*
Robert Ferguson
Sheila ffolliott

Stephen Fox
Alice T. Friedman*
Ashley Gardini
Leigh Gates
Mohammad Gharipour (In Memory of Pauline Saliga)
Michael J. Gibson*
John Gronkowski (In Memory of Pauline Saliga)
Suna Güven
Gunny Harboe
Dianne S. Harris*
Dolores Hayden*
Alison Hoagland
Lynne Horiuchi*
Ann Huppert
Karen Kingsley*
Jeffrey E. Klee*
Karen R. Koehler
Francis Kowsky*
Henry H. Kuehn*
Ana María M. León
Richard Longstreth*
Catherine W. Lynn
Tod Marder
Anne L. Marshall
Jonathan Mekinda
Heather Minor
Andrea Moneti
Keith N. Morgan*
Sarah Rogers Morris
Patricia A. Morton
Kevin D. Murphy
Steven Nelson*
Maureen Meister
Dietrich Neumann*
Joan Ockman*
Kathryn E. O'Rourke*
Ken Tadashi Oshima*
Anoma D. Pieris*
Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis
Virginia B. Price*
Patrick Quinn
Robert B. Rettig*
Jennifer Reut
Annemarie van Roessel
D. F. Ruggles
Abigail A. Van Slyck*
Jacqueline Spafford
Robert A.M. Stern*
Damie Stillman*
Katherine F. Taylor
Brian Tichenor
Sharone Tomer
Alice Y. Tseng
Paul V. Turner*
Dell Upton*
Karen R. White
Danielle S. Willkens (In Memory of Candace Willkens)
Mabel O. Wilson*
Mary Woolever (In Memory of Pauline Saliga)
Stathis Yeros
Victoria M. Young*


*Past Officers and/or Fellows who initiated the Pull Together campaign.