Video: SAH Graduate Student Book Group with Dr. Irit Katz

Program Date: May 29, 2024

Chat Transcript

The Common Camp: Architecture of Power and Resistance in Isreal-Palestine
Discussion with Irit Katz
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This program convened graduate students around a discussion of Irit Katz’s The Common Camp: Architecture of Power and Resistance in Israel-Palestine. In a seminar format, graduate student attendees will be encouraged to bring thoughts and questions for the author and for one another. Members of the SAH Graduate Student Advisory Committee will moderate the conversation.
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Possible topics for discussion include methodology, audience, decisions about organization of the book, and the processes of research. The conversation will also focus on disciplinary issues particular to architectural history, namely regarding evidence, archives, selection of objects of study, visual materials and media, the capacities and limitations of specific methods, and integration of other disciplinary practices or modes of research. The session may also touch on other, more wide-ranging subjects, such as the relationship between Katz’s own scholarship and pedagogy.
As a program specially targeted toward graduate students, this will be an opportunity to engage with the author of a recently-published book, and thus to learn about the process of developing a book-length study in architectural history. As significantly, it will be a forum for graduate students to connect with one another, to collectively think through ideas of scholarly approaches and relevancy, as well as broader themes regarding the directions and potentials of architectural history today.