After Raphael

Marking one year after the 500th anniversary of his death, this symposium will consider the afterlife of Raphael’s achievement—in the words of the title of Robert Williams’ last book, the redefinition of art in Renaissance Italy. By bridging historical scholarship and contemporary practice, the symposium will mirror the artist’s achievement itself, which combined the study of antiquity with its revivification in modern art and architecture. The impact of Raphael’s achievement will be considered from his own century onward, concluding with thoughts about its relevance today and in the future. Attention will be given to the ways Raphael’s project became a pan-European phenomenon, sponsoring cross-cultural artistic development and the very idea of the academy and European academic art.

The speakers will address Raphael’s impact in his own and succeeding centuries, in Europe and America, until today. The topic is meant to address the variety of impacts, and modes of engagement by his artistic successors, from imitation to emulation to invention.


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